Landry Jones' mustache gaining new supporters

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Landry Jones’ mustache seems to have taken on a life of its own among Oklahoma fans.

The redshirt freshman quarterback has earned the nickname of “Doc Holliday” from Oklahoma tight end Brody Eldridge because of his facial adornment.

The Oklahoman reports that fans sported fake mustaches and T-shirts that read “Fear the Stache” appeared at Jones’ first career start last week against Idaho State.

Oklahoma football operations coordinator Matt McMillen and video director Brian Martin have begun growing their own version of a mustache to show solidarity for the Sooners’ interim quarterback.

The American Mustache Institute, a 44-year-old advocacy group, said they are pleased with Jones and the booming notoriety of his “Chevron” style of mustache.

"We’ve been paying attention to Landry,” Aaron Perlut, chairman of the institute told the Oklahoman. "We love it. Unfortunately, when he first entered the game, there was a lot of criticism the following week about his mustache. We find that very disappointing.

"That’s the life of downtrodden, mustache-wearing Americans.”

Even Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops had a comment about Jones’ facial adornment.

“That’s probably been a decent distraction for everybody,” Stoops said.

The Oklahoma coach may support Jones’ mustache, but he is determined about one fact.

“No, I’m not growing one,” Stoops said.