Sooners have hardly been BCS busts

With an undefeated season, the Sooners should get the chance to play for a national title. J.P. Wilson/Icon SMI

The BCS field is muddled. With so many teams sporting perfect records and no playoff to decide a champ, our bloggers take on the ultimate task: making a case for each team with a title shot.

BCS busts? Who are you talking about? Oklahoma?

Thank the Big East for UConn. That’s ancient history now.

Oklahoma belongs at the top.

The Sooners are the Big 12’s highest-ranked team in the BCS standings, and if the Sooners walk through the new nine-game Big 12 schedule undefeated, there’s no doubt OU belongs back in the national championship game for the fifth time and the first time since 2008.

Those BCS failures? Overstated anyway. The Sooners endured a five-game losing streak on college football’s biggest stage after winning in their first two appearances in 2000 and 2001, the first of which earned the program its seventh national title.

Before beating down an overmatched, eight-win Connecticut team 48-20 in the Fiesta Bowl, only two of Oklahoma’s BCS losses were lopsided.

The first came by a touchdown to LSU … in the Superdome. That’s in New Orleans. Which, I’m told, is home to a couple of LSU fans. Where’s the shame in losing by seven to a Nick Saban-coached team in Death Valley Southeast?

There isn’t any.

Four years later, Oklahoma took one for the team and gave college football one of its best games ever. To borrow a phrase, the “Holy Trinity of Trickeration” at Boise State got the best of the Sooners in a classic. Afterward, a proposal.

So, what, you wanted Oklahoma to stand in the way of true love between a man in pads and a girl in a cheerleading uniform? The Sooners are more courteous than that. Where’s the fun in blowing out some schmoes from the Mountain West? Without the Sooners birthing the Boise State legend (2-0 in BCS games now), we all know college football wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

Two years later?

Tim Tebow. In Florida. Enough said. The Sooners lost by 10.

Oklahoma’s teams, past and present, have been to the BCS. They haven’t “choked” or “blown it.” They got far outplayed twice. In two of those, the Boise loss and the West Virginia loss, Oklahoma had nothing to gain and everything to lose.

A national title game, though? Outside of an embarrassment to USC, the Sooners have shown up and held their own against the SEC’s titans. They’ll do it again.

Only Ohio State has been to the BCS as many times, but I forgot what happened to the Buckeyes the last time they stumbled onto the BCS stage. So, too, did the NCAA record book.

Oklahoma will knock on the door again. It’s likely to go on the road in December and prove once again to be the thorn in Oklahoma State’s side.

After that, it’s time once again. Oklahoma’s unofficial slogan for the 2011 season is the “Chase for Eight,” as in, their eighth national title.

There’s no doubt that it deserves a chance to do it with an undefeated season.

Anything else would be B(C)S.