K-State using extra motivation against OU

Visitors to Kansas State's facility on Tuesday were in for a surprise.

In the trophy case for the Governor's Cup, which K-State took home again on Saturday after beating Kansas, stood a new trophy.

It should be familiar for fans of both Kansas State and its opponent this week: Oklahoma.

The 2003 Big 12 Championship trophy found a home in a featured spot in the Wildcats facilities.

"When I got here, the lights were out, so I have no clue what’s in the trophy case outside," coach Bill Snyder told reporters. "If there’s something else in there, I have no awareness of it."

Believe the intensely detail-oriented coach at your own risk.

Team officials said they were "not sure" who moved the trophy, but either way, it should be a little added reminder of what could be ahead of Kansas State on Saturday.

Kansas State earned the trophy by beating a team some considered to be one of the best in college football history, and did it convincingly.

The two-touchdown underdogs beat Oklahoma in Kansas City, 35-7, to advance to the BCS. Despite the loss, Oklahoma played for a national title, where it lost to LSU, 21-14.

This week?

Kansas State is a 14-point underdog.