BCS road gets more difficult for the Sooners

Oklahoma State officially made history on Sunday night.

The Cowboys are No. 2, their highest spot in the BCS standings in school history. They don't have anything to worry about but trips to Texas Tech and Iowa State before hosting Oklahoma on Dec. 3.

Win, and they're in.

The Sooners, though?

Win out, and they'll be sweating after Alabama lost to LSU by only 3 points in overtime.

The Crimson Tide tumbled exactly ... one spot, to third. Alabama remained ahead of Stanford and Boise State, both undefeated. The gap between Alabama and No. 6 Oklahoma, the next one-loss team, is wide.

Oklahoma might get help from Oregon and TCU to help knock off Stanford and Boise State, respectively, and it might still not be enough. Not good news for the Sooners.

Oklahoma might still climb over Alabama, but for now, it looks like the Crimson Tide would hold off the Sooners and get a rematch if LSU is the last undefeated team standing.

Oklahoma faces a difficult task, and that's without even mentioning its on-field problems. The loss of receiver Ryan Broyles will be gigantic. Landry Jones' most reliable target is gone and the Sooners will have to go on the road to beat a dangerous Oklahoma State team — to say nothing of Baylor on Nov. 19 after a weekend off.

Alabama and LSU going into overtime is the worst thing that could have happened to Oklahoma's title hopes. Pollsters didn't dock the Crimson Tide much, and for Oklahoma, it's been a while since a winning weekend has left the team with such a bad taste in their mouths.

A couple quick notes:

  • Oklahoma State is no longer the sole No. 1 in the computers. LSU grabbed the No. 1 spot in three computer rankings — and now LSU and OSU are tied at No. 1, according to the computers. The Cowboys are No. 2 in the Harris poll and No. 3 in the coaches poll, the other two-thirds of the BCS standings.

  • Oklahoma State is the seventh Big 12 team to hold the No. 1 or No. 2 spot in the BCS poll, according to ESPN Stats & Info. That's the highest number of any conference, ahead of the SEC, with five.

  • Oklahoma is No. 4 in the computers, tied with Boise State.

  • Kansas State remained 14th after its close loss in Stillwater.

  • Texas hopped up to No. 16.

  • Baylor crashed the polls at No. 25.