Mack Brown defends McCoy's slow starts

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

Texas coach Mack Brown said Wednesday that Colt McCoy's first-half slump in the last two games isn't something you could blame entirely on the quarterback.

Brown that McCoy has been hampered by his team's lack of offensive productivity and cohesion so far this season. Those struggles particularly showed up in the Longhorns' recent victories over Wyoming and Texas Tech.

But Brown added that McCoy's numbers in the second half are as good as he produced last season when he finished second in the balloting for the Heisman Trophy.

"As you look at Colt's stats, they aren't as good in the first half, but his stats in the second half of the ballgame the first three weeks are better than they were at any time last year," Brown said. "It is not a question of Colt not starting well. We as an offense have not started well."

The Texas coach also said he is determined to fix his team's slow start when the Longhorns meet UTEP Saturday in Austin.

"We think the slow starts are because of individuals, and if enough individuals mess something up early in a game, it makes the team start slow," Brown said. "We feel like everybody is trying to do too much. We also feel like we will get more consistency in our running game when we have fewer backs playing, and we have to separate those guys and get it down to a couple that are playing and we're going to have to watch, but we feel like we have to do that."

The use of the "Wild Horn" package with wide receiver John Chiles taking direct snaps has been intriguing to Brown and Texas offensive coaches.

"We've been working on it for three weeks," Brown said. "We've put it in for three plays now, two plays were very successful, we thought the third one should have been and we dropped the snap, but how many plays do you use it? When do you use it and where does D.J. Monroe fit since he's not an every-down back? Offensively, when we get more settled, I think the players will be more settled. But our challenge to them will be to just do your job, quit worrying about the offense being inconsistent, you be consistent and then it will help.

"The quarterback gets blamed for it, but it's all over the map."

Here's a look at McCoy's statistics comparing the first half and second half of the three games he's played this season.