Baylor's Griffin not 'playing for awards'

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III took part in a teleconference on Monday with members of the media from all over the country. After helping knock off Oklahoma on Saturday night, Griffin's propelled himself back into the Heisman race.

Here's a bit of what Griffin had to say.

What did Saturday's win do long-term for the program?

It does great things. This year, of course, it helps us get to 7-3. We still have a lot ahead of us, as far as the season go. It can help you in recruiting, because recruits can now see that Baylor University not only can contend with some of the perennial powerhouses in the Big 12, but it can also come out on top. A lot of those recruits will see that and maybe decide if they want to come to Baylor and make a difference. And then it can bring more money to the university, just through TV and boosters and things like that.

Is it the best win you've had since you've been there?

The best since I've been here was probably last year when we beat K-State to get bowl eligible, because it was more than about just this team. It was about all the guys that had come through that didn't get to experience a bowl game and just to get that burden off them and Baylor nation.

What is it about Art Briles that made it so appealing to go to a place that hadn't been traditionally a football power?

Sometimes you get a feeling about someone, and you go off that feeling and you trust that person. Sometimes you're wrong, but I was definitely right with the feeling that I got when I met coach Briles. He's just down to earth, knows how to talk to people, knows how to get people to play not only for him but with him, and he's done a great job wherever he's been. Coach Briles is good at getting people to believe not only what he is and what he's about, but what he's doing.

The Heisman: Is it something you're aware of and is it something you want to add to your resume before your college career is done?

It's hard to talk about the Heisman, just because, as a player, I don't want to be a player that plays for awards. I don't want to be that selfish guy. Obviously, you're aware of it because media members make you aware of it, but I definitely play for the guys on the team and the coaches that coach me. I don't just say these things, I truly believe them. That's what makes me the guy and the leader that I am. For us, we know that if we take care of business the rest of this season, that we'll all be in New York and we'll be wherever else we want to be for a bowl game, and we can all celebrate, because it's not just about me, it's about the guys that are around me, all our coaches and all of Baylor nation.

You've mentioned it a few times, but do you still feel like you'll be at Baylor for your senior year, or is that something you'll assess at the end of the year?

It's something I'll have to decide with Coach Briles, Coach Kaz, our strength coach who's played in the NFL, my family, and anybody else who's out there that I feel close to to give me advice. I don't want it to be about money or about draft status or anything. If it's time for me to go, then it's time for me to go. But if I come back, it won't be because I'm not a high enough draft pick, it'll be because God told me this is where I need to be. I'm definitely proud to be a part of what's going on here at Baylor, so it's something I'll decide, but right now I am a Baylor Bear. We're guaranteed three games, but I'm not guaranteed a day, so I'm going to make sure I seize every moment as a Baylor Bear.

One thing you think about is how you can translate your game to the next level. What do you think is the one thing as a quarterback you're going to try and improve upon in the next few weeks and maybe into next year?

As a quarterback, you can always improve on anything, whether it's footwork in the pocket, moving in the pocket, accuracy, arm strength, all those kinds of things. But at the end of the day, you've got to be able to stay on the field, move the ball and allow guys to make plays and give them a chance.

Is there any quarterback at a higher level you've looked up to at your time at Baylor?

I try not to model my game after anybody, but you can definitely gain different pieces and things from different players. Guys that are playing today like Tom Brady, the way he stands tall in the pocket. Of course, I can move around a little bit more than he can, but that's something you can't replace. You've got the play action of Peyton Manning, even though he's not playing this year. You pay heavy attention to that, because it opens up a lot of throwing lanes down the field. But as far as quarterbacks in general as that I looked up to as I grew up, guys like John Elway, Randall Cunningham, Steve Young, Kenny Stabler, all these guys who could move around a little bit and extend the play are definitely guys I paid attention to and got bits and pieces of their game.