Tuberville talks Mizzou turf after injuries

Texas Tech had three players injure their knees in Saturday's loss to Missouri. A week earlier, Missouri running back Henry Josey and Texas running back Fozzy Whittaker had season-ending knee injuries on the turf, which prompted rumblings from Texas that the turf was putting players in danger.

After the game, offensive coordinator Neal Brown said the turf was "Not very good." Receiver Bradley Marquez added it "wasn't good at all," and Tuberville said it was "best they take it up."

He expounded on those comments on Monday.

"I don’t know enough about it. I heard officials complain about it. I heard other teams," Tuberville said. "It didn’t look any different to me. You could tell it was a little bit older, but I’m not an expert on that, so it’d be hard for me to compare what they have and what other people have. It’s just a different type of turf.

"Just reading things other coaches had said when they had problems. I think there was five knee injuries in the last two games on it. It’s just one of those deals. The older turf gets, the worse it gets and my understanding is they’re getting ready to replace it. So, it’s not a big issue now."

Tuberville didn't point out his major issues on the Big 12 coaches teleconference on Monday, but at the press gathering in Lubbock, Texas later that day, he expressed other concerns.

"We had been warned and told by other coaches. Even the officials complained about it. That's a moot point now, because I think they're getting ready to take it up anyway," he told reporters.

Saturday's game was the final one of the season at Faurot Field.

"It probably makes for a good talk. But the bottom line is the last two weeks there have been five guys that will probably have to have surgery from playing there," he said. "It could have been a coincidence. You can't blame it on any one person, that's fate. There are a lot of guys that have played on that turf that haven't gotten hurt, and I think they even practiced on it. I saw their sleds at the end of the field where they practice.

"It's probably more coincidence than anything. But what's done is done, and I'm sure they'll do the right thing and replace it."