Kansas State's reminder: 'We own Texas'

Kansas State beat Texas, 17-13, on Saturday in an ugly, but effective game that necessitated a change at quarterback for the Longhorns.

That cued up a favorite slogan for the 'Cats: "We own Texas." It's taking it to the next level now, though.

It was the fourth consecutive win for the Wildcats against the Longhorns, but it also signified a big accomplishment for Kansas State.

The Wildcats beat all four Big 12 teams in Texas. It would like to remind you of this.

The Wildcats debuted a T-shirt for sale with Texas on the front of it with a big Powercat logo in the middle of it. Sprawled across the top: "2011 Texas State Champs"

On the back, the scores of the four games the Wildcats won.

Baylor: 36-35

Texas Tech: 41-34

Texas A&M: 53-50

Texas: 17-13.

I believe the correct expression is "Troll hard, K-State."

That said, do it hard enough, and it's hilarious. In this case, it works.

Well played, Cats. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. Those glorious, glorious fruits that taste like superiority.