Texas Tech busts out the super trick play

Everybody loves a trick play, but Texas Tech broke out some big-time trickery against Baylor.

We're talking "Annexation of Puerto Rico" levels of trickery.

Quarterback Seth Doege faked a handoff to the running back and found a nameless No. 85 jersey on an end around; No. 85 then hit Darrin Moore for a 43-yard touchdown to cut Baylor's lead to 24-21.

The No. 85 jersey normally belongs to receiver Jordan Davis, but who was wearing it this time? Backup quarterback Jacob Karam.

You sly dogs, you, Texas Tech.

Worked to perfection as Moore executed a nice catch-and-run for the score.

You don't see that every day. I'd have liked to have heard the planning on that one. I don't know how Texas Tech's coaches could have hidden their smirks after sending in the play.