Did Turner Gill deserve a third season?

Kansas fired coach Turner Gill on Sunday after the Jayhawks coach went 5-19 in two seasons and 1-16 in Big 12 play. It came as no surprise, and I thought it was the right move.

Two years might not seem like a lot, but Gill didn't provide enough reason that he deserved more time. He didn't need to win more games to keep his job for 2012, but he needed to be competitive. Kansas didn't come close. ... A program that won an Orange Bowl four years ago has been reduced to a Big 12 laughingstock, enduring six losses by at least 30 points during a 10-game losing streak that ended the 2011 season.

The Big 12's coaches, though, were outspoken on Monday, saying Gill deserved more time to try and turn around the program.

"I think it’s bad for our profession. Especially in the sport of football, with so many bodies and such a philosophy to build and all the development that takes place," Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads said. "We’re in our third year here and we’re just now starting to see the physical differences needed to compete in that league."

Generally, I agree with the unspoken three-year rule for coaches to build their program, but Gill's bosses didn't believe he'd shown enough progress to keep his job. After all, he did take over a 5-7 team.

"That’s very unusual," Missouri coach Gary Pinkel said of the quick exit. "I think there’s no way in the world you can build your program, a program that’s been down, and flip it that quick, or even have a chance to flip it that quick. I think it’s really disappointing."

Said Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops: "For all coaches, I wish that we’d all have more time."

So, what do you think? Did Turner Gill deserve more time?

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