Chat: Big 12 vs. SEC, bowls, 2012 race, WVU

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Justin (Stillwater): In your honest opinion, who do you think would win on a neutral field? Bama or Oklahoma State?

David Ubben: Bama would, but it'd be close. I think OSU would beat the Tide probably four out of 10 times. It would beat LSU probably three out of 10 times. OSU had the better resume and did more. I think it belonged in the national title game based on the system we're playing in. It'd be a more interesting game, too. But, sorry, I also think Bama's the better team.

Kyle (Ohio): Hey David, now that the Big 12 is currently 6-1 in bowl games and has one left, have they locked up having the best record in bowl games since the SEC has already lost 2 and automatically loses the National Championship game? Boomer Sooner

David Ubben: It's not guaranteed just yet. The C-USA and MAC both have one loss with one team left to play. If you don't think those leagues count, I'd probably agree with you. The SEC could say they don't count the title loss. That's fair. In that scenario, the Big 12's locked up at least a tie, but the tiebreaker would have the be the head to head with the SEC, right? K-State better take care of business. Consider also: The Big 12 had a lot of good matchups this bowl season, but it's also the only league that plays every bowl game against AQ-conference opponents.

concerned Big 12 fan (Austin): will KSU let us down against Arky?

David Ubben: I don't know about letting down. Arkansas' narrowly the better team in this one, but K-State is an awful matchup for the Hogs, who can't stop the run. The Wildcats will be physical up front, and with a low-risk offense and a defense not liable to giving up big plays, it's hard to see K-State really playing poorly. They may lose, but they'll be fine. I haven't quite made up my mind on that pick.

Dan (Wichita, KS): Do you think Arkansas's passing offense is comparable to some of the Big 12's top passing teams (such as Oklahoma, Ok State, Baylor, etc)? And how do you think K-State's secondary will do against it?

David Ubben: Yeah, definitely. They've got a little more physicality than some of those teams, too. K-State's seen it though. It won't be anything significantly better than any of those three offenses. K-State played well against Baylor and well against OU in spots before getting blown out and giving up tons of points late against OSU. 'Cats have to adjust.

Bill Braskie (Victoria, Tx): David my man, are you at all surprised with the Big 12's Bowl record this year?

David Ubben: No, not really. The league had great matchups, and was favored in six of these games. I picked them to win every one so far, but I'm on the fence with K-State and Arkansas. We'll see. I'm heading to Dallas today. I'll spend some time with folks from both teams tomorrow.

Nick (Tulsa): Who is the class of the Big 12 next year? I'm thinking OU and KSU.

David Ubben: Yeah, that's probably how it'll shake out. K-State's going to be back with a vengeance next year and a QB who'll be an even better passer. OU is OU. They'll be healthy and reloaded next year, as long as Landry comes back. But don't overlook WVU and TCU. The Big 12 adjustment will be tough, but they're bringing back experienced offenses from really good teams. They could win it, too.

Tracy (Houston, TX): Do you think McCoy has a chance at taking the starting spot spot or is it just Ash's to lose? If Ash is the guy, do you see McCoy leaving?

David Ubben: I could see a revolving door situation next year for sure. Bottom line, it's easier to see David Ash overcoming his biggest deficiency (decision-making) with a year of experience than McCoy showing up with a cannon arm.

Ryan (Orlando, FL): Is there a backup plan on scheduling on weather or not WVU will be in the Big 12 this year?

David Ubben: Not from what I've heard. I think the Big 12 hoped to have Mizzou stick around another year if WVU left. That ain't happening. Worst-case scenario, the Big 12 has to have nine teams and go to an eight-team schedule for a year, but then, the league has to deal with an unfulfilled revenue for its media deal. I'm not sure what they can do at that point. It'll be interesting. The Big 12 will be in some hot water if WVU gets hung up and can't come until 2014 or a compromise is made for 2013.

David Ubben (SEC Love Boat): When are you going to actually start supporting the Big 12 and not the SEC?

David Ubben: My job isn't to support the Big 12. My job is to cover it and offer my observations and opinions.