Chat: UT ranking, Gundy, A&M, K-State

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Scott (Dallas): David- Now that A&M is joining the SEC, do you see a team like Texas, TCU, or maybe OK State playing Arkansas for a new southwestern classic in Jerry's world for years to come?

David Ubben: It'll be interesting to see how that shakes out. It won't be a Big 12 team, most likely. TCU makes some sense, but they're locked in for 2012 for their nonconference schedule. I could also see the rest of the Big 12 pressuring them not to play A&M, especially not in Dallas, the home of the Big 12 headquarters. Truthfully, I think the annual game in JerryWorld is over for A&M now that it's a conference game and they don't want to keep the Arkansas game there.

Justin (Florida): Will OKstate lead the Big 12 in rushing next year? or will Texas hang their hat on that title?

David Ubben: Interesting question. I could see OSU doing it, but my money is actually on Kansas State, closely followed by Texas.

Mike (Twin Cities): Do you think WV will play in the Big 12 next season?

David Ubben: Yes. Still unofficial though. I talked to a few people from the Big 12 at the Cotton Bowl on Friday night. Everybody on both sides is still on board with making it happen in 2012. They just have to make it official and make sure the Big East isn't granted an injunction. That's all that could stop it right now.

Reilly Beeman (Dallas TX): I've always been a big Kansas State fan and I was just wondering, how did they win so many games? They had a tim tebowesque QB that was mediocre at best, with no one else of note on the team. I love them, but when my friends ask me why I think they're gonna win I just shrug.

David Ubben: Ha. Well, for one, the defense is a lot better than people realize. The combo of Arthur Brown, Nigel Malone and David Garrett was huge this year. And offensively, guys like WR Chris Harper and RB John Hubert were a little underrated. Hubert was almost a 1,000-yard rusher, but he was overshadowed by Collin Klein.

Gundy (Stillwater): Should people be bashing me for sticking up for my team, and saying that we should've had a chance in the NCG? Especially after that embarrasing performance last night by LSU? I think I'm just being a great coach.

David Ubben: I've had no problem with anything Gundy's said through this process. I think he's handled it well, and most importantly, he won his BCS game. He's been persistent and clear, without being obnoxious.

Kurt (Austin): Your colleague Robert Smith put Texas 4th in the country in his 2012 pre-season rankings. Is it possible that this kind of hype is warranted? We've seen that winning without a star quarterback is possible (LSU) as long as there are play-makers at every other position.

David Ubben: Nope. I totally disagree. Texas will be better next year. Definitely a top 25 team. Probably top 15-20. But no way, without a big-time quarterback, they can win enough in this league to reach the top 5.

SC Cy (Kansas City, MO): You slot Iowa State as #9 in your early 2012 power rankings. I can only assume that is the floor for the Cyclones. What do you project as the ceiling?

David Ubben: Basically. The problem is, the Big 12 is really, really deep. I'd say ISU's ceiling is probably fifth place? Maybe 7-8 wins?

The Riddler (Gotham): Would you rather have to watch only the 2011 Bama v. LSU football games for the rest of your life or get bit by a rattlesnake once a year?

David Ubben: I feel like this is the beginning to a wonderful series of questions. And to answer your question: the latter.