Senior Bowl snatches up more from Big 12

Eighteen players from the Big 12 will be on the Senior Bowl roster, set for Jan. 28.

Texas A&M earned the most roster spots in the Big 12, with five, though quarterback Ryan Tannehill and cornerback Coryell Judie will miss the game with injuries.

Texas A&M (3)

Oklahoma State (3)

Texas (3)

Baylor (2)

Iowa State (2)

Oklahoma (1)

Missouri (1)

A few of the more interesting things I want to see in the practices leading up to the game:

  • What can Michael Egnew do? He'll face the same question every Missouri tight end faces: Can he block in a traditional scheme? His big strength is receiving, but the players before him, Chase Coffman and Martin Rucker, have had unremarkable careers thus far after being Mackey Award finalists, just as Egnew was in 2010. Egnew's got to be near the top of most team's draft boards when it comes to tight ends, but we may get a feel of how he'll do at the next level during the week.

  • I've heard rumors of Kendall Wright being No. 1 on some teams' receiver draft boards. We'll see about that. He's a guy who could make a big move during Senior Bowl week. His production can't be questioned: he led the Big 12 in receiving this year and led Baylor in receiving for all four years he was on campus. This year, he was a huge part of RG3's Heisman run. His size (5-foot-10, 190 pounds) will give some question, but he's got a great vertical leap, doesn't have any real receiving weaknesses outside of his size, and he'll be as fast, if not faster than every other receiver at the Senior Bowl.

  • Leonard Johnson will be fun to watch, too. In Iowa State's scheme, it's tough to be noticed. They weren't exactly dominant, though the linebackers are strong. You hear about Johnson's talents, and he did a great job on the likely No. 1 receiver drafted, Justin Blackmon, in ISU's upset this year. In a week of highly-scrutinized team and one-on-one drills, he's a guy who could see his stock soar, too.

  • We'll keep you updated on the roster, too. The Senior Bowl said more players could be on the way.