Ugly QB situation at KU not worth trouble

Brock Berglund expected to compete for the starting quarterback job at Kansas.

Turner Gill told him he'd have that opportunity. Charlie Weis explained that, with Dayne Crist headed to KU, he would not get that opportunity.

The more physically gifted and experienced Crist has one year left of college football. It's a shrewd way to do business, but fair. Simply put, Crist would be Kansas' best option at quarterback. The best way to get him to come to Kansas: Promise him the starting job for his lone season.

When Crist graduates, Weis has BYU transfer Jake Heaps, who also spent a season and a half as a starter, waiting to take over.

So, the only fair solution is to let Berglund chase his dream of playing college football elsewhere. Right?

Kansas apparently disagrees.

Berglund sent a news release this week to get his side of the story out. The Cliffs Notes version:

  • Upon being told he wouldn't be able to compete for the starting job, Berglund asked permission to simply speak with other schools to explore his options, not officially transfer. Doing so without the university signing off is against NCAA rules. Berglund's request was denied.

  • Berglund went on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City on Thursday to explain that if he stepped on campus for the new semester, it could delay his opportunity to play again if he transferred. Thus, he informed KU he would not be attending a mandatory team meeting last Sunday.

  • Monday, at a news conference, Weis said Berglund was among six players dismissed from the team. He declined to explain the reasons for any of the dismissals. Three other players, including quarterback Jordan Webb, will remain at KU but not play football. Weis said he supported Webb if he wanted to finish his undergraduate studies and then transfer elsewhere, like Crist did.

  • Berglund was not informed of the dismissal personally. He learned of the news via Internet reports and Twitter.

  • Despite dismissing Berglund from the team, the school won't release Berglund from his scholarship and allow him to transfer.

  • Berglund's now hired a lawyer and is appealing the decision in hopes of moving on.


A Kansas spokesperson told multiple media outlets the school would have no comment, because the transfer request is in the appeals process.

Berglund, the nation's No. 13 quarterback in the 2011 class, signed with KU and enrolled early before returning to his home state of Colorado and leaving the team for the 2011 season to deal with a misdemeanor third-degree assault charge.

With Webb off the team and Heaps ineligible until 2012 because of NCAA transfer rules, Berglund's exit would leave the Jayhawks scrambling for a backup quarterback.

But is it worth what Weis had to surely know would result in a public mess to deny Berglund a chance to leave?

The whole situation seems pointless. KU doesn't have much to gain by forcing Berglund to stick around.

Instead, it's put its foot in the ground and now has a mess on its hands.

For a program with five wins in two years and plenty of people questioning Weis' hire, this isn't what the program needed.