Baylor the biggest Big 12 overachiever

The signing day bonanza is next Wednesday, Feb. 1, but what teams have done the most with the least talent?Insider

Since 2007, that title goes to Baylor in the Big 12.

The Bears have an astounding 15 wins against teams who have recruited more highly-ranked players in the past five seasons.

Football Outsiders Brian Fremeau takes a look:

Baylor's success in upending teams with stockpiled talent can be largely credited to one superstar. Robert Griffin III was highly regarded for his athleticism when he was recruited, but he ended up in Waco in part because other power programs didn't see peg him as a future quarterback. Last season, his playmaking vaulted him to the pinnacle of individual honors in the sport, the Heisman Trophy, as he led Baylor to seven wins over teams with a stronger overall team recruiting profile.

Like Stanford, a step back will be expected after his departure and Baylor's long-term outlook in the Big 12 will likely regress. Still, Baylor proved that one special player can make a huge difference along with a handful of other motivated overachievers.

I don't know if I necessarily agree that Baylor's headed back to mediocrity or struggles without RG3, but certainly, you'll see some regression in 2012.

How much over time? We'll see. Baylor had the Big 12's leading rusher and receiver in 2011, so it wasn't just Griffin making plays.

Coach Art Briles has an eye for offensive talent, and we'll see if that translates to future success, despite losing RG3 to the NFL a season early.