Big 12 schedule finished, but under wraps

The Big 12's deadline to deliver its schedule was Wednesday, and it did exactly that.

Just don't expect to see it. You'll have to trust the league on this one.

As required by their television contracts, the league provided a full schedule to its TV partners by Feb. 1, which was Wednesday. The schedule includes Big 12 newcomers TCU and West Virginia.

The Big 12 says it expects to release the schedule publicly "in the near future." That could be complicated by West Virginia's lawsuit against the Big East, and that league's countersuit.

WVU is challenging the Big East's bylaws in a bid to join the Big 12 next season. The Big East argues that WVU breached its contract with the conference and should remain there for 27 months, as required by the bylaws.

West Virginia still plans on being in the league next year, but if not, the Big 12's members would almost certainly be forced to find an additional nonconference game in a limited amount of time.

Nobody, except perhaps the Big East, wants that to happen.

The Big 12 gave no indications on how far "the near future" is, but for restless fans, the schedule release can't come soon enough.