Mailbag: K-State's title shot, Big 12 schedule

Thanks for all the questions this week. It was a busy one on the blog, but pretty quiet in the mailbag. Here's where you can reach me if you've got questions, gripes or witty musings.

Aaron in Topeka, Kan. asked: What's the story with KSU? They will be returning Klein and most of the players from last year. Is there a good chance of winning the Big 12 Championship for Snyder's team?

David Ubben: Yeah, there's definitely a shot. It all comes down to improvement. You're crazy if you think K-State was truly as good as its record this year. It found ways to win games late this year, but the Wildcats weren't a 10-win team.

Next year, though? With as much returning talent as the 'Cats have, they very well may be. It's all about one of the basic tenets of Bill Snyder's program: daily improvement. K-State won't have to win as many close games against mediocre teams next year, but they'll be in close games once again. Just, you know, with better teams. We'll see if that late-game experience pays off. The defense will be better. The offense, as long as it replaces the starters on the offensive line, should be solid.

Next year, the 'Cats look like a 9-10 win team with some upside. It'll be exciting to see how Collin Klein progresses as a passer this offseason. He was a completely different player from September to December.

Mark McGuriman in Philly, Penn. asked: When is the football schedule do out? We WVU fans are anxious to book our tickets and show the Big XII world how we travel....

DU: Ha. For the 3 million of you who asked, that's the million-dollar question. I've been told to expect the schedule on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, but that's not guaranteed. The Big 12 had this to say:

"The Big 12 Conference has provided a ten-team 2012 football schedule to its television partners and expects to release it publicly in the near future."

Read into that what you will. It's frustrating for fans, I know. But there's not much anyone can do until the West Virginia situation gets settled.

The Mountaineers want to leave. The Big East wants to prove its bylaws are for real. They're at an impasse. The courts have to go through the process, but because of travel plans for folks like yourselves, everyone benefits if this process is expedited.

Mike in West Virginia asked: Ticket sales will be off the hook next season at WVU with OK, Baylor, TX Tech coming to Morgantown. What do you see WVU's record for next year in the B12? Could they win 10 games?

DU: I like WVU's chances to contend for a Big 12 title. The jump to the Big 12 won't be as dramatic as TCU's from the MWC. I'd say the over/under for WVU wins is 9.5. As for the schedule, I wouldn't be so sure. With so much in flux, there's no telling who comes where.

There's still folks who think WVU will slide into Missouri's spot on the schedule and TCU will replace Texas A&M. The Big 12 has repeatedly said that's not the case.

Ryan in Omaha, Neb. asked: How much do you miss Husker Nation and what was the greatest memory you had with Nebraska? I miss reading your articles about the Huskers.

DU: Tough call. I only had this job for a year with Nebraska in it, so I'd probably go with the pregame atmosphere when an undefeated Mizzou team came to town in the 2010 season. The buzz was unbelievable, and the Huskers dominated early. The team gave the fans exactly what they wanted, and only made the atmosphere even more electric. Great stuff from the fans.

And yes, I miss the Huskers. Deal with it.