The Big 12 guide to Kansas' home turf

We're back again with the next installment of the "Home Turf" series introducing fans across the Big 12 to all the cities in the conference.

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Without further ado, here's the guide to Lawrence, Kansas, from the people who know it best.

Jimmy in Dallas, Texas, wrote: I am sure you will get some over lap but ill hit the high points of places I frequented in college and still go when I am back. I actually just went back to Lawrence for the UT bball game. Stay at the Oread if you can get a room as it is basically right on campus and very new. The Eldridge is great too on Mass street. Game day must will be the Wheel/Hawk/Bull (bars right on campus) but an off the beaten path bar we like to stop by is Louise's West (small and right in a residential neighborhood slightly off campus and the best bloody marys). For football when the weather is nice the Oread had a roof top and the views are awesome and its so close to the stadium. Tailgating around the stadium is cool too with house party's galore and tents on the hill. Grab breakfast at Miltons, lunch/dinner at Jefferson's Johnny's, or Free State Brewery. All of those are on Mass street where you will find more bars too (Quinton and sand bar are good staples). Make sure to catch the bar band at the Wheel around 11pm Friday night (few band guys come in and play the fight song and other classics in the bar). Game day atmosphere is really awesome Lawrence and with our win or lose we still booze mentality it will always be.

Bryce in Baldwin City, Kansas, wrote: You are going to hear a lot about Mass St, and it is worth every second to go. Take some time and grab a philly at Pepperjax Grill. If greek food is more your thing, the Mad Greek is a great spot. For the bar scene, a new bar on Iowa called Saints is a great spot.

Mike Goff in Leawood, Kansas, wrote: Best gourmet burger: The Burger Stand. Best bar: The Wheel. Best pizza: Papakeano's. Best shopping: Massachusetts Street. Best barbecue: Bigg's

Tyler in Manhattan, Kansas, wrote: I'm a current K-State student and huge Wildcat fan who grew up in the Lawrence area. That being said, Munchers Bakery is a great place to visit in Lawrence. They have a great variety of your typical bakery fare, highlighted by the cream cheese donuts. Any other bakery-type items from turnovers to brownies are also well represented. An added bonus for your sweet tooth is that Muncher's is open 24 hours a day. Make sure to bring cash as they do not accept cards.

Austin Falley in Lawrence, Kansas, wrote: The Basil Leaf Cafe is a hidden gem in Lawrence -- in fact, it's located in a gas station near sixth and Kasold on the west side. But I recommend anyone new to Lawrence try its delicious pasta dishes, sandwiches or breadsticks. Truly delicious food, and you can drive-thru, dine in or take out. It's small, local restaurants like Basil Leaf that make Lawrence more than a college town. It's a culinary oasis in the prairie.

Kurt in Lawrence wrote: Students coming to Larryville on a budget should hit the Mississippi Street patio of the Kansas Union (facing the football stadium) an hour or so before the game and fill up on barely warm hot dogs and burgers, or barely chilled cokes, all for just a buck apiece: it's not gourmet, but since when do tipsy students care about that? It's cheap and filling, and it's better than the similar fare sold inside the stadium at 4-5 times the price. During the second half of the game, when KU is getting blown out and even the visiting fans are bored, they should head out to the tailgating section on The Hill, on the south end of the stadium, for the free food and drinks that friendly Kansas fans will gladly share with them. They definitely will want to join KU students after the game at either the Hawk or the Wheel, just one block down the hill from Jayhawk Blvd at 15th & Ohio for reasonably priced pizza, beer, or stronger stuff. More well-heeled visitors will enjoy strolling down Massachusetts street, with its interesting shops and any kind of restaurant they could want; or they can drive out to the northwest side of town and try Marisco's--excellent food, reasonably priced, and an atmosphere that approximates a sports bar, only a bit more subdued. And everyone should set aside an hour to walk the corridors of Allen Fieldhouse to soak in the history of KU basketball.

Rob Williams in Lawrence wrote: Hotel: Oread/Eldridge Night Before Game: FreeState Brewery for Dinner then Mass. St. Pub crawl. Just start walking down mass and see how far you can get. Hot spots include Quintons, Tonic, Louise's, Red Lion, Brothers, Fatsos, and Jeffersons for college type bars. Hit Jackpot, Replay, Bottleneck, Jazz Haus, and Harbour Lights for more local towny bars. Other local restaurants include 715, Tellars, and Paccamamas. Gameday: Depends on kickoff/tipoff. Hit up Milton's for breakfast and then head to the Bull, Hawk, and Wheel for Pre-tailgating activities before hitting the hill. Walk around the stadium and enjoy the tailgating. Post game: Grab a burger at the yacht club, margaritas at El Mez, or pizza from pappa kenos and then head back to the wheel. If you're looking to blow your brains out hit The Cave nightclub in the basement of the Oread.

Mark in West Des Moines, Iowa ,wrote: Honestly, I never thought you could fall in love with a city, but after recently finishing up my senior year there - I wouldn't go anywhere else if I could do it over again. Lawrence, L-Town, or even Larryville as it's sometimes called defines classic college town. It's relatively small and the main street called Massachusetts, or Mass as most call it for short, is where most of the action happens when church is not in session at Phog Allen Fieldhouse.Places to visit include The Eldridge for martinis (Ask for James!), Hawk on Ohio Street, Clinton Lake for a day on the water, Anschutz Library to get your study on or even Quintons at 6th & Mass for some great sandwiches.

Scott in Olathe, Kansas: Hello Big 12 newbies! For the best football experience in Lawrence, make sure you take I-70 west for about an hour and a half and go to a game at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. That's how the pros do it! Or if you like, wait until there's a KSU game in Lawrence, may take you a year or two, but that's ideal for ya.

Geoff in Lawrence wrote: Lawrence is a great city for people with a number of different interests. For the food lover, it offers a great variety. Like most other Big 12 cities, we have our share of great BBQ. My favorite is Bigg's BBQ, with dry rubbed smoked meat that is amazing. For the more adventurous, we have great ethnic foods. India Palace is amazing, best Tikka Masala ever! Also great sushi options with Wa and Yokohama. Interested in local beer? Try Free State Brewery and have a John Brown or Wheatstate brew. Don't forget to try the eats, this isn't just bar food here. For some high end fare, try Pachamama's, 715 or Genovese. For the sweet tooth, try Silas and Maddy's homemade ice cream or Munchers Bakery. Beyond food, Massachusetts Street is the place to be. Shopping, art/entertainment, bar/club scene, and local flare all can be found on Mass. Visit the Eldridge Hotel for a bit of Lawrence history. The Lied Center of Kansas is a world class venue to catch a play or musical. The Lawrence Art Center is a startlingly good cultural resource.If you are here for a game, be sure to tour the KU campus. The Campanile and Potter's Lake are beautiful. The historic KU campus features a multitude of architectural styles. Overall, Lawrence is a great city. Welcome new Big 12 members, we wish you luck and look forward to your visits!

David Webb in Lawrence wrote: West Coast Saloon...best burgers anywhere! Big screen TV's everywhere...plus a party bus to take you to the stadium before the game and back to the West Coast Saloon after the game...located at 23rd and Iowa

Beth Brittain in Lawrence wrote: Lawrence is BEAUTIFUL! Go to Campus first--Allen Fieldhouse specifically. SPINECHILLING! So much history, tradition, and legends came from this structure! Next: Mass Street. Sandbar (order the shark attack) best bar on the blow (8 & Mass). Quinton's, make sure to hit up the ice bar upstairs too. Jefferson's has great wings

Brennan K. in Garden City, Kansas, wrote: Lawrence is truly a magnificent city with lots of scenic views and beautiful rolling hills. In my opinion, eating at Mad Greek @ downtown Mass St. is a great experience. Finding quality Greek food in the midwest is not an easy task. The restaurant has tasty gyros, lasagna, and greek salads at an affordable price! Also, Jeffersons is the BEST sports bar in the town. The restaurant is higlighted with dollar bills (yes, dollar bills) that customers can pin up on the wall after their visit. Visiting the KU campus is also a must. KU has a gorgeous campus with tons of history (Booth Athletic Museum) inside Allen Fieldhouse. I hope all fans (especially TCU and WV) enjoy their trip to Lawrence in the upcoming season!

Matt in Olathe, Kansas, wrote: Your best bet for parking on game day is paying for a piece of someones yard just north of the stadium. All parking by the university is either for donors or is near Allen Fieldhouse which is kind of a haul. Tailgating is kind of unique compared to other schools because the stadium is in the middle of the city amongst the neighborhoods. Memorial Stadium needs some upgrades but I personally believe it has one of the better settings for college football and it is the oldest stadium west of the Mississippi.