Chat: OSU QBs, Texas, All-Big 12 QB

Thanks for all the questions in today's chat. It was one of the most fun in awhile. Here's the full transcript.

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Time for some highlights from today's chat.

Nick (Ames): Heard anything on the QB situation here? Steele Jantz looked real good in the spring game but Barnett lead the Cyclones down the stretch last year. High expectations here for this season!

David Ubben: Yeah, I still think Barnett is the guy for ISU. The difference is negligible, but the Cyclones need to keep building for the future. The 2012 team won't be all that different either way, but if you play Barnett, the 2013 team gets a whole lot better, without a doubt. That has to be taken into consideration. My expectations aren't too high, but ISU's going to be a good team. That said, it seems to me like the Big 12's depth is going to make it really difficult for the Cyclones to crack a bowl game.

Justin (Stillwater, OK): 41 wins in 4 years for an OSU program that has never experienced that much success. Give us your 3 keys to sustain that success over the next several years. Record wise, what would you consider to be a successful season next year for the Cowboys?

David Ubben: 1) Above all, make sure you have a QB and at least one more (preferably two) preparing to take over. 2) Keep instilling the idea that OSU can't do this without developing players and working. They're never going to bring in top 10 recruiting classes annually. 3) Give Mike Gundy everything he wants. As for this year, success would be probably nine wins.

W (Anaheim): D - What are the odds K-State repeats as the State of Texas football champs?

David Ubben: Not great. But here's hoping the Cats make "Back to Back Texas State Champs" shirts if they repeat.

David (Somewhere in Sooner Nation): I know it's highly unlikely, but let's say that OU runs the table in the Big 12, USC runs the table in the Pac 12, someone runs the table in the Big 10, and ditto on the SEC. Other than being a perfect argument for a 4 team playoff, who gets left out?

David Ubben: Ouch, that's tough. USC and the SEC team would probably play, for the simple reason that they started higher in the polls. It would depend on what each team's strength of schedule shook out to, but if it was close, the preseason polls would hold. Sad, but true.

Miles (Austin, TX): Do you think Texas can win the Big 12 with its new offensive identity? How about the SEC as it is more in the power run style that the horns are running now?

David Ubben: Yes. Its defense is going to be absolutely nasty. If they run it as well as they think they'll be able to by next year or so, Texas should be very, very scary.

Jason (Tyler): Are Coach Brown and Coach Stoops still by far the top 2 coaches in the Big 12 or are Coach Gundy and Coach Snyder catching up?

David Ubben: You could easily make the case Snyder is better than all of them. Gundy is knocking on the door of the nation's elite for sure. Big 12 lost a really good one in Pinkel, too. He was just behind Gundy in my book.

State43 (Iowa State): Have you been to a Big 12 game at your Father's Alma Mater yet in your capacity as Big12 Blogger? We would love to have you and will treat you like family.

David Ubben: Ha, I haven't as Big 12 blogger, but I've been to games there twice. Would have loved to have seen the field stormings last year vs. Iowa and Oklahoma State. Keep winning, Clones. I'll be there soon.

Curtis (Dallas): Percentage that everything can fall right and Texas can will the Big 12 this year? Percentage for 2013?

David Ubben: Eight percent. 37 percent.

Coty (WV): Best Football/Basketball school in Big12?

David Ubben: I mean, there's no question it has to be Baylor in 2011-12, right? It's not really even close.

Tony (Richmond, CA): Geno Smith is receiving most of the preseason love for 1st team All Big XII. Do you think the offseason work Landry Jones has put in with George Whitfield is enough to tighten up his footwork, leading him to a monster senior year, and first team honors?

David Ubben: That race will be really, really interesting. I'll have to do a lot of thinking on my ballot. I probably lean Geno for now, but man, I could see that vote getting split and them sharing first-team honors.

John (Tulsa, OK): Ubbernator. Does Lunt win the starting job in Stillwater? He seems to have the most long-term upside.

David Ubben: I don't know what to think anymore. I've talked myself into all three guys. For now, I'm sticking with my pick of Walsh.