Blackmon talks OSU memories, draft prep

Former Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon sat down with ESPN.com this week to chat with fans and had plenty to say heading into Thursday night's first round of the NFL draft, where Blackmon is expected to go in the top 10, perhaps the top 5. Here's the full transcript. And a few highlights.

Mike (Oklahoma): Which of your skills do you belive to be your best?

Justin Blackmon: I would say adjustment to the ball in the air.

Andy (St. Louis): How do you feel about catching passes from an Oklahoma QB next season in St. Louis?

Justin Blackmon: I don't think it would be that big of a problem. I think we would learn to adjust if that happens.

Jeff (KCMO): What current NFL players would you say your game most resembles?

Justin Blackmon: I would say I try to make my game resemble a Larry Fitzgerald.

James (IL): Convince me, what makes you the better WR and the most NFL ready WR in the draft?

Justin Blackmon: I would say that if you picked me you'd get someone that works hard every day and leaves everything out there on the field.

Chris Mirkin (Tulsa, OK ): JB, Ive watched you for the last 4 years as a student at Ostate, thank you so much. Do you think during/after you success in the NFL you will still be a big time Cowboy supporter?? I.E. come back to homcoming, come and visit big game?? Good luck!!

Justin Blackmon: Yes, I plan on making trips to watch and support.

Joey (SC): best part about playing at OSU

Justin Blackmon: Just having the crowd right there right on top of you. On the sidelines and slapping the pads.

chad (minneapolis): what was the combine like?

Justin Blackmon: It was an experience. Lots of meetings. You're just always on the move, before the sun rises until the sun goes down.

Daryl (Cali): how ready do you think weeden is to start in the nfl?

Justin Blackmon: I think he's ready to start right away. I think he could come right in and be a player right away.

Chris (Texas): How does your game compare to Dez and are you guys close off the field???

Justin Blackmon: I think we have a lot of similar tendencies. He's a freak athlete. He has a lot of natural talent. I try to figure out more tricky ways to out jump everybody.