Putting together a crossover All-Big 12 team

Sometimes, emails deserve their own post, and not a spot in the mailbag. This is one of those days.

Here's a note from David in Austin:

You previously listed the Big 12 players you felt would be part of the All-Big 12 BBall team. In the spirit of the ongoing NBA Playoffs and considering Durantula is still going strong and representing Texas on his van, what about reversing the scenario? Which former Big 12 BBall players could make the transition to football like Antonio Gates? Durant would obviously play WR, maybe even QB, or one helluva kicker.

Oh my, great question. I love the NBA, and truthfully, I don't understand folks that love basketball and don't love the NBA. Either way, it's time to look at a few players who made names for themselves in the Big 12 that I'd love to see hit the field. Durant is clearly a receiver. Good call there. But let's move on.

Blake Griffin, TE, Oklahoma: No question about this one. Griffin is a man-child who has no regard for his body. Have you seen him run in the open floor? I'm tempted to use Griffin as a running back, but I've got to maximize his jumping ability, especially in the red zone. Griffin is my tight end who could play some receiver. He'll be getting lots of bubble passes, daring defensive backs to tackle him.

DeMarre Carroll, DE, Missouri: Carroll's nickname is the "Junkyard Dog," and for good reason. He's nasty, and he's got a motor that never stops. Sound familiar? Put him on the defensive line and let him loose.

Paul Pierce, QB, Kansas: Pierce has been around the block for something like 83 years. He's got experience. He's got toughness. He's got a championship ring. Pierce is a smart, heady player who's exactly the type of guy you'd want with the ball in his hands. He's not the quickest guy in the world, but he's a gunner from three, too. Accuracy, homes.

DeAndre Jordan, WR, Texas A&M: Jordan's is Griffin's teammate on the Clippers, and they're both high flyers. Jordan doesn't have the strength or mass that Griffin does, so I'd use him more as a big target. At 6-foot-11 and 250 pounds, he's as big as they come.

Tony Allen, CB, Oklahoma State: Allen's still one of the league's toughest defenders, and his job is to stay in front of some of the best offensive players in the NBA. Sounds like a heck of a cornerback to me. He'll get in opposing offenses' heads.

Mario Chalmers, K, Kansas: Chalmers can hit from long range, and proved he can make the big shot when he helped Kansas win a national title. What more could you ask from a kicker?

Dexter Pittman, OL, Texas: Because ... obviously. Pittman checks in at 285 pounds these days, and he's not afraid to get physical. Let's just keep the elbows to the throat at a minimum. Deal?

Jamaal Tinsley, RB, Iowa State: Tinsley's experienced, and his straight-line speed isn't the fastest, but he's got a great feel for space on the floor, and he's willing to do what it takes for his team to succeed. He'll spend a lot of time pass-blocking in this system, but he can make big plays if he gets space.

Marcus and Markieff Morris, LBs, Kansas: Those two know how to communicate and how to dominate a tight space, i.e., the paint. They're tough, too, maybe to a fault sometimes. Either way, toughness and unity? Good footwork? Each checks in at about 240 pounds? Give me that at linebacker.

Who would you put on the team? Plenty of other great players I couldn't find a place for. Michael Beasley? LaMarcus Aldridge? Nick Collison? John Lucas? Ekpe Udoh? Where would you put them?

Spurs-Thunder, Game 2 tonight. Get after it.