Hill: Jags must drop hammer on Blackmon

Former Oklahoma State star Justin Blackmon has earned plenty of bad press after his aggravated DUI arrest early Sunday morning, but colleague Jemele Hill says his new employer should take it even further.

The Jacksonville Jaguars should make an example of Blackmon, writes Hill.

Blackmon is officially at the Jags' mercy.

Forget about a hometown discount. The Jags have earned a significant knucklehead discount.

Moral outrage doesn't correct bad behavior as quickly as financial repercussions. Blackmon, who pleaded not guilty to the DUI charge Monday, was thought to be in line for a contract in the $20 million range, since cornerback Patrick Peterson -- last year's No. 5 pick -- signed a four-year, $18.4 million deal that included an $11.9 million signing bonus.

There is no way the Jags can give Blackmon that much guaranteed money, even if the total worth of the contract is similar to Peterson's. Instead of being giddy about how Blackmon can bolster the Jags' anemic offense -- which ranked last in the NFL last season -- the team now has to worry about whether money will improve Blackmon's decision-making or make it worse.

So Jacksonville needs to make this DUI arrest one of the most expensive on record.

Seems alright to me. Blackmon already had one alcohol-related offense to his record, and the severity and stupidity of his latest arrest has done exactly what Hill said it did.

Whatever the Jaguars (or NFL commissioner Roger Goodell) decide, Blackmon's going to have to deal with it. No one's going to grant him an ounce of sympathy for putting the lives of others in danger by getting in a car and driving while his blood-alcohol content was at .24, three times the legal limit.

If Jacksonville wants Blackmon to truly learn from his mistake, his pocketbook is the best place to start.