Would Bradford really consider coming back in 2010?

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

On the surface, it sounded like a throwaway line.

Sam Bradford was walking away from the podium after the Sooners' news conference yesterday in Norman when he was asked if he would like to duplicate the four-year career that his good friend Colt McCoy has enjoyed at Texas.

"I don't know," Bradford replied. "Maybe."

I'm sure the college game appeals to Bradford, who elaborated for several minutes earlier in his news conference about some of his favorite memories watching early Texas-Oklahoma games at the Cotton Bowl.

But with his place secure at least in the top 10 players likely to be drafted, Bradford has got to be kidding about coming back for one more year, doesn't he?

The news sent Sooner message boards spinning as they dreamed about the return of the Heisman Trophy winner for one more year.

It's obvious that Bradford wouldn't want to be a distraction during the season -- particularly with the pivotal game approaching against Texas later this week.

But I'm very surprised that Bradford would even acknowledge that question.

I would have thought the difficulties of his recent rehab would have convinced him that it might have been better to keep quiet about this rather fanning hopes among Sooner fans.