Does RG3 face more pressure than Luck?

Baylor's Heisman winner Robert Griffin III went behind No. 1 pick Andrew Luck of Stanford, but Griffin may be ahead of Luck when it comes to pressure during his first year in the NFL.

NFL.com's Daniel Jeremiah says that's the case for three big reasons:

  1. Griffin will be expected to lead his team to more victories.

  2. The NFC East is far tougher than the AFC South.

  3. RG3 is in a bigger media market.

Seems pretty fair to me. The Redskins have some talent, versus the depleted shell of a roster on a proud-but-rebuilding franchise in Indianapolis.

Writes Jeremiah:

Among Redskins fans, RG3 is viewed as the missing piece, while Andrew Luck is viewed as the first piece to Colts fans. Washington is entering its third season under two-time Super Bowl-winning head coach Mike Shanahan. This is must-win time. The Colts are entering their first season under first-time head coach Chuck Pagano. Pagano has zero career wins as a head coach. Shanahan has 276. After the decision was made to cut ties with Peyton Manning, the Colts weren't shy in proclaiming this season the start of a rebuilding effort.

For the purpose of this exercise, let's assume both the Redskins and the Colts go on to win seven games this season. How would each fan base react? Redskins fans would be very disappointed, while Colts faithful would be dancing in the streets.

Tough spot. I'd never thought about the comparison between the two in these terms, but I'd say he's probably right. The good news for Griffin? Being seen as the savior of a program is nothing new. Ever since Baylor got a glimpse of his playmaking ability as a freshman, Bears fans saw Griffin as the man who could take them to the top.

It wasn't easy. The 2008 season featured just four wins, and four more came in 2009 when Griffin missed most of the season with a torn ACL.

Those expectations in 2010? Griffin hit them, taking Baylor to a bowl game. Then 2011 happened, and Griffin exceeded even the wildest expectations for what he could do. He led BU to an unthinkable 10-win season and brought a Heisman trophy to one of college football's most cellar-pinned schools. Same old Baylor? I think not. Griffin changed that program. Can he do it in Washington?

We'll see. As for pressure, is it greater than Luck's?

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