McShay lays out a blueprint to beat Texas

Posted by ESPN.com's Tim Griffin

There was an interesting post from Todd McShay, the director of college football scouting for Scouts Inc., to describe the best way to beat Texas this season.

McShay's article (Insider) lays out a basic plan about the best way to beat Texas.

McShay's analysis is based on Texas quarterback Colt McCoy's struggles of passing the ball downfield. According to McShay's statistics, McCoy is throwing only 36.6 percent of his passes more than 5 yards downfield, which is the lowest percentage of any quarterback in the FBS.

His idea for beating the Longhorns is rather easy. Namely, he says that if wide receiver Jordan Shipley is covered tightly on every snap and defenses try to jump McCoy's short routes, their opportunities of winning are much easier.

It's an interesting idea. It will be interesting to see if veteran OSU defensive coordinator Bill Young follows that plan.