Looking ahead to the Big 12's 2013 draft

You saw Tony Jefferson and Kenny Stills' reportedly made their NFL draft decisions over the weekend, but colleague Mel Kiper dropped his latest top five juniorsInsider and seniors at each positionInsider. You need Insider to see the full lists, but I'll give you a taste in this post.

Here's who cracked the list from the Big 12, with still a whole bunch of guys around the league with draft decisions to make.


Running backs


Wide receivers

Offensive guards


Offensive tackles

Defensive ends

Outside linebackers


  • Texas' Kenny Vaccaro is the No. 1 senior.

  • Oklahoma's Tony Jefferson is the No. 2 junior.


Interesting to see how those rankings change as the Senior Bowl happens, players enter the draft or decide to stay in school and the NFL scouting combine and pro days take place.