Final season Big 12 poll update

Both college football polls have been released, and here's how the Big 12 fared to close the season:

Associated Press (media)

12. Kansas State

15. Oklahoma

19. Texas

Others receiving votes:

26. Baylor

29. Oklahoma State

34. TCU

A little surprised Baylor didn't crack the top 25 there, but finishing the season with zero teams in the top 10 isn't a strong look for the Big 12. Entering 2013, there doesn't look to be a team that'll be a slam dunk for the top 10, though a team or two might slide in. Still, this is what happens when the league's top two teams get blasted in their respective bowl games.

USA Today (coaches)

11. Kansas State

15. Oklahoma

18. Texas

Others receiving votes:

28. Baylor

29. Oklahoma State

I was impressed with the voters for putting Texas one spot above Oregon State in both polls, but I don't quite see how you slot UCLA ahead of Baylor, considering the way the Bruins finished the season, with three consecutive losses, including two blowouts.

To Iowa State's credit, its Liberty Bowl loss helped Tulsa slide into No. 25 in the coaches' poll, too.