What if Big 12 teams could trade players?

Every now and then, a Mailbag question necessitates its own post. You can email me here to make an appearance on Friday's mailbag, but let's tackle an intriguing question:

Tas in Houston writes: Hey David, what are the chances that the Big 12 will implement a policy where we can trade players within the conference? My Pokes have 3 of the best QBs in the conference. Do you think UT would trade Malcolm Brown for Clint Chelf straight up?

I assume you're kidding, of course. This would never happen in real life, but it's always fun to speculate. I think Oklahoma State might make that trade, but I doubt Texas would, even though it probably should. The Longhorns believe in David Ash, but if I were Texas, I'd probably make that trade. Oklahoma State gets a big-play running back, and Texas gets another solid option, and perhaps the starter, at quarterback.

A couple other trades I'd make?

Texas defensive tackle Ashton Dorsey for Oklahoma State receiver Charlie Moore: Texas has tons of depth at defensive tackle, and could fill Dorsey's void with other guys like Malcom Brown and Chris Whaley. Meanwhile, Texas has almost zero experience at receiver behind Jaxon Shipley and Mike Davis. A third receiver would help Ash out a lot, but the loss up front wouldn't hurt. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State would have a sick front four with Dorsey and Calvin Barnett, and losing Moore wouldn't be all that tough. Mike Harrison is likely coming back, and Blake Jackson will be there, too.

Oklahoma quarterback Drew Allen for Iowa State linebacker Jeremiah George: Allen is a big quarterback with a big arm, and exactly what Iowa State needs to make the jump. We've only seen a little of him, but he's still going to offer a lot of upside for Iowa State at the quarterback spot. Meanwhile, Oklahoma has to fill a whole lot of spots on its defense, and George is a heady fill-in for Tom Wort. It's a big loss for Iowa State, but I'd make this trade because I believe the drop-off from George to Jevohn Miller wouldn't be quite as large as the possible upside to having Allen at quarterback for the Cyclones.

I won't lie, coming up with these is tough. What others would you propose?