Bill Snyder extension will pay off for K-State

Bill Snyder signed up for five more years on his mission to calm the waters during his second run as Kansas State's coach.

When it ends, Snyder will be 79 years old. If K-State fires him before the contract is over (I'll pause for laughter at the near-impossibility of that reality), it'll owe him $2 million. He can leave before it's over at any point without penalty, though he won't receive the remaining compensation.

Do I believe Snyder will be K-State's head coach in 2017? No, no I do not. But for now, it'll pay off. I don't think 2013 will be Snyder's last year, but for now, the announcement calms rumors that a recent assistant coach exodus indicated that Snyder was on his way out. That can spell doom on the recruiting trail, and when Snyder decides his time actually is up, it can cause future coaches concern when they look at the depth chart they'd be inheriting.

The contract extension is best for the long-term security of the program and certainly will boost Snyder's efforts to "calm the waters."