Frogs' new stadium gets imposing addition

It's been a busy couple of weeks around Amon G. Carter Stadium in Fort Worth, Texas, even though it's the offseason.

TCU released photos over the weekend of the newest addition to the year-old renovations at the stadium. The next time you take a trip to TCU for a football game, you'll see an 8-foot statue of a very realistic looking Frog that certainly looks like he has bad intentions.

You can see the photo here, and TCU wants to know what one word you'd use to describe the new addition.


This comes a week after news that Amon G. Carter Stadium was up for sports facility of the year at the Sports Business awards.

Installing that new frog is pretty solid from the Big 12 newbies, and I'm glad the school went realistic and scary versus a statue of the more cartoonish SuperFrog, which sort of has to look like that considering how much time he spends around small children.

Still, I'm heading to TCU later this spring, and I'm psyched about seeing the new statue in person. I always like seeing Oklahoma's Heisman Park and the statue of Ricky Williams at Texas when I'm in town, and even though it's perhaps not as prestigious, the Frogs' new statue might very well become just as notable very soon.