Stoops calls Notre Dame rumors 'ridiculous'

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops refuted a story in a Chicago newspaper that said he was a leading candidate to take over the non-vacant head coaching job at Notre Dame.

When asked by Oklahoma reporters about a published report in the Chicago Sun-Times that Stoops "had told confidants" he was interested in a potential Notre Dame coaching job, Stoops bristled at the story.

"That's ridiculous," Stoops told the Tulsa World Monday night following the Sooners' practice.

Stoops also was curious about what kind of friend would tell that story to a newspaper.

"Some confidant, huh?" Stoops said. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Notre Dame doesn't have a job [open]. And I haven't spoken to any confidants about anything, outside of trying to beat Texas Tech."

Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis' job status is considered tenuous. And it could make sense that Stoops might be interested in considering a move since he's struggling through his worst season as a head coach and has received sustained criticism this season. The Sooners aren't ranked and have already recorded four losses, which is the most ever for a Stoops team at this point of the season.

Stoops received a raise and a contract extension last summer that will pay him $30.125 million through the 2015 season.

But he still denied any interest in Notre Dame.

"You guys believe a 'confidant?' What's that? That's a pretty good buddy, wasn't it?" he said. "Maybe he felt things were going [bad enough at OU] that I needed that, huh? Buddy of mine trying to help me out, huh?

"People just make stuff up."