Mike Gundy joins code-tweeting club

By my count, Washington coach Steve Sarkisian started the trend of taking to Twitter in code when a player committed to the program. The Huskies coach got in the habit of tweeting "WOOF!" when a new player joined the recruiting class.

Texas A&M coach Kevin Sumlin is the most notable coach to begin doing it lately, helping Texas A&M grab top recruiting classes in the past two seasons while tweeting "YESSIR" every time he picked up a commit.

None of the eight Big 12 coaches on Twitter has gotten into a consistent habit of tweeting in code, but it looks like Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy might be pondering a move.

Tuesday evening, he dropped a cryptic "Pistols Firing!" tweet out of nowhere. Sure enough, news broke a bit later that the Cowboys had earned a commitment from Jeremiah Ledbetter, a junior college defensive tackle.

The practice miffs some, but I typically find it fun. I'd like to see more coaches try it out. Gundy briefly took to Twitter to answer fan questions every day earlier this offseason. He's gotten out of that practice since, but I don't see the whole code-tweeting phenomenon as anything more than another way to connect with fans and inspire excitement about a coach's respective program.