Under the radar: Texas Longhorns

Far too often, players enter the season with a profile that doesn't quite match his worth to the team.

In other words, they're coming in under the radar. We'll continue our series today looking at those guys who should get more respect and attention than they have this offseason.

Next up: Texas.

Under the radar: LB Peter Jinkens

Jinkens was one of a handful of hyped recruits that headed to Austin in the 2012 class, signing with the Longhorns as the nation's No. 5 overall linebacker and the No. 57 overall recruit. The Dallas native (and No. 7 player in Texas) showed almost immediately why scouts loved him so much, proving he was ready to contribute. The 6-foot-1, 210-pounder plays bigger than his size, but still has the speed you'd expect from a player with his frame.

Through nine games, Jinkens had just two tackles, but moved into a starting role against Iowa State and helped the Longhorns defense dominate, giving up just seven points. Jinkens made eight tackles, and over the next four games, showed promise that has anyone who saw it excited to see what he has in store for future seasons. He logged three tackles for loss and a sack against Kansas State, but had one of his best games against Oregon State, making nine tackles and intercepting a pass.

Texas is probably the only place in the Big 12 where a recruit in the top five at his position can be under the radar, but most of the Big 12 is blissfully unaware of Jinkens. Next season, offensive coordinators across the Big 12 will be aware. Jinkens' talent demands it.