Baylor takes some liberties with bowl rings

In the annals of college football history, Baylor won last season's Holiday Bowl by a score of 49-26.

Just don't tell that to the folks in Waco. They've got an excellent case, and believe that score should have been 49-19. For evidence, look no further than the Bears' bowl rings. The school tweeted out a photo of the rings over the weekend, with the 49-19 score on the side of the ring.

In case you weren't watching the last few minutes of a 30-point Bears blowout, let me walk you through why the Bears have a rightful case to deny history.

On the game's final play, UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley found Logan Sweet for what officials ruled a 34-yard touchdown catch. Replays clearly showed, however, that Sweet was nearly a yard short of the end zone.

Colleague Ted Miller threw the Bears a bone in his game wrap-up back in December. That final touchdown meant the Bruins outscored Baylor in the second half of the blowout, but Baylor would rather believe that last play never happened.

They're absolutely correct, and putting the rebellious score on the ring drew a hearty chuckle from yours truly. Is it silly? Yes. Is it fair? I'm not arguing with the Bears on that one.

Most of all, it's something you'd probably see only in college football.