Players tab TCU the Big 12 favorite

The Horned Frogs have only been in the Big 12 a year. But in that year, TCU apparently has caught the eye of players around the conference.

Big 12 blogger David Ubben, SoonerNation’s Jake Trotter and Brandon Chatmon and HornsNation’s Max Olson polled 28 of the 34 players that attended Big 12 media days this week.

Last week, Oklahoma State was picked to win the Big 12 in the media’s annual preseason poll. The players, however, beg to differ, tabbing TCU instead as the favorite.

All told, the players were asked seven questions in the poll, including the school and coach they’d most like to play for, other than their own. The Horned Frogs swept both answers here, too.

The results of the poll:

(Note: players were not allowed to answer their own school in any of the questions)

Who is the team to beat this year in the Big 12?

TCU, 36%

Oklahoma State, 25%

Oklahoma, 17%

Kansas State, 11%

Baylor, 4%

Texas, 4%

Texas Tech, 4%

What they said:

“It’s TCU. I think they’re going to have a big year this year.”

“TCU, just how many guys they have returning and the talent they have coming back.”

“Oklahoma State with all those guys they‘re bringing back. But the fun part about this year is it’s pretty wide open.”

"Blake Bell at quarterback? I don't like that. Don't sleep on K-State.”

If you had to play for another Big 12 school, who would you play for?

TCU, 25%

Texas, 18%

Oklahoma, 14%

Kansas State, 11%

What they said:

“TCU, because of Coach (Gary) Patterson.”

“I would want to play for Texas because they’ve got some beautiful women down here (in Texas).”

If you had to play for another Big 12 coach, who would you play for?

Gary Patterson (TCU), 25%

Bill Snyder (Kansas State), 14%

Mack Brown (Texas), 14%

Bob Stoops (Oklahoma), 11%

Mike Gundy (Oklahoma State), 7%

What they said:

“Coach Patterson seems like he’s a player’s coach who understands his guys and brings energy to the table.”

“Snyder, just because he has a great winning tradition up there.”

Your favorite road trip in the Big 12?

Austin, 43%

Stillwater, 14%

Morgantown, 11%

Norman, 11%

What they said:

“Stadium-wise, Oklahoma State. Trip-wise, Austin.”

“Oklahoma State. The fans, the atmosphere, it’s crazy. You can’t find another like that in college football.”

“Oklahoma. Hotel we stayed in was really nice and the food was even better.”

“Morgantown was a fun experience.”

Are you in favor of re-instituting the conference championship game?

Yes, 100%

No, 0%

What they said:

“Having a conference title game puts the Big 12 more in the spotlight than it has been these last two seasons.”

“That’s something I don’t really understand. As a kid growing up, I always wanted to play in that championship game. I feel we should get it back.”

Who has the best uniforms in the league?

Oklahoma State, 43%

TCU, 21%

Baylor, 14%

What they said:

“I really like Oklahoma State’s – they’re pretty cool.”

"Kansas’ new baby blues are icy."

“The best is Baylor’s black uniforms.”

Who has the worst uniforms?

Kansas State, 32%

Iowa State, 18%

Oklahoma, 18%

Texas, 14%

What they said:

"You know everybody will say us. We've got the worst uniforms – but you said we can't say our own team."

“Not the biggest fan of Kansas State’s white. I like the purple, the purple and silver is a lot better.”

Who has the best mascot?

The Mountaineer (West Virginia), 21%

Bevo (Texas), 14%

Pistol Pete (Oklahoma State), 3%

What they said:

“Anyone with a gun.”

“Texas or Oklahoma, just because of the historical significance. It actually has historical meaning.”

“Can't beat TCU because (the mascot) has blood coming out (his) eyes. I don't know a lot of other mascots that can do that.”

Who has the worst mascot?

Cy (Iowa State), 25%

Big Jay (Kansas), 11%

Willie the Wildcat (Kansas State), 11%

Boomer and Sooner (Oklahoma), 11%

Pistol Pete (Oklahoma State), 11%

Bevo (Texas), 11%

What they said:

“I don’t know how a bird matches a Cyclone.”

"OU – they got those horse-pig things."

“KU. It’s a mythical bird. Why wouldn’t you go with a blue jay or something that is known to be aggressive?”