Chat: Baylor's ceiling; K-State underrated?

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Jeb (San Antonio): Realistically, with defensive improvement, what is Baylor’s ceiling this season?

Jake Trotter: How about this for ceiling -- I believe Baylor can win the Big 12 title. I'm a believer. There was no hotter team to end the 2012 season, as the defense seemed to turn the corner. We know Baylor is going to score points. If the defense, which returns 7 starters, can force negative plays, look out. Baylor should not be overlooked.

Mat (Dallas): Won't TCU and Baylor be forever limited by a small alumni/fan base in spite of their location? TCU games were sold out with loads of visiting fans last season.

Jake Trotter: The next few years will be important for both. Baylor is building a new stadium; the Frogs just renovated theirs. Season tickets sales are up at both places. They have to continue to grow their fan base, but that is very doable if the winning continues. Just ask Oklahoma State, which, with a new stadium, continues to set season-ticket sales records.

JakeJones (Okc): It seemed like a lot of teams in the big 12 were having scrimmages last weekend. Was anything learned ... or are they too closed off to know anything?

Jake Trotter: Couple highlights: OU QB Trevor Knight was apparently terrific. Made a lot of big plays. Keep an eye on that QB race. Baylor's young WRs Coleman, Rhodes really stood out. They're going to help. In Stillwater, sounds like they're feeling better about finding a backup RB to complement Jeremy Smith... Desmond Roland or freshman Rennie Childs, perhaps.

Robbie (Houston): Do you have any idea when Mike Davis and Jaxon Shipley will be cleared to start practicing with the team?

Jake Trotter: Both are running fine and healthy. Likely will go full-speed in the next week. They have been limited so far, doing some passing drills/1-on-1 work but not full-team practice. I wouldn't sweat it.

JJ (Arlington, Texas): The game is in Lubbock. Who do you have, Texas Tech or TCU?

Jake Trotter: TCU's schedule is brutal this year. Road games at OU, OSU, neutral site vs. LSU, then they still have to go to Tech, K-State. Still like the Frogs in Lubbock, but Tech could very easily win 7-8 games.

Karthik (Atlanta): K-State again is underrated. I expect them to beat OU and Texas again. What do you think?

Jake Trotter: I do not. But I don't think it's a crazy prediction, either. The offense could be better, even with Optimus Klein gone. Hubert, Lockett, Thompson... those are good offensive players, and I think one of the 2 QBs will emerge. The problem is the depth and experience on D just isn't there. Nothing like last year.