Chat wrap: UT's Ash, TCU QBs, WVU's O

Thanks for all of your questions during my chat. You can read the full transcript here.

Dave (JAX): David Ash, Week 1, what did you see ?

Brandon Chatmon: Nothing I haven't seen before to be honest. … What I need to see from David Ash is doing it week after week. Period. Take it to the next level, David.

Jeff (Little Elm, TX): In first week, which new Big12 QB's performance impressed you the most?

Brandon Chatmon: That's easily Baker Mayfield. He looked outstanding. Real poised and made plays on third downs. Very solid debut for the Texas Tech quarterback.

Chuck (WVU): NDSU is the 2 time FCS champs and UNI is a solid program (almost always a top 10 team). William & Mary however is not. WVU ran the ball 70 percent of the time in their game against the Tribe. How much should I put into this run first mentality? Was this just Holgy not wanting to give OU too much or is our stable of RBs going to be getting a big load all season?

Brandon Chatmon: I think that was just Dana not showing much. It almost came back to bite them but they got the win. And, as Dana said this week, that's all that matters, nobody will remember or care about the score in December.

Keith (Seattle, WA): Is Casey Pachall looking over his shoulder after Boykin's performance last week?

Brandon Chatmon: Yes and no. Yes because he wasn't good. No because Boykin wasn't great either. I'll be shocked if TCU doesn't just play both guys in the future.

DJ Monroe (Texas): How mad should I be now seeing how they are getting the ball to Daje and they never got me involved like that?

Brandon Chatmon: I'd be pretty upset if I were you D.J. … matter of fact, if you write Mack a letter of complaint, I'd be willing to sign it as an endorsement of your missed opportunities.

Jason (Dallas): As someone who didn't go to school at Baylor, it seems their national attention has exponentially increased as of late. Which team in the Big XII has the best chance to match up against them and come out with a win? What is the likelihood they emerge with the conference title?

Brandon Chatmon: I think OSU, OU, UT, Baylor and TCU are pretty even. I expect those teams to knock each other around this season. The Bears’ Big 12 title chances are as good as any of those four squads.