Weis shaking up the offense

Charlie Weis is shaking things up in Lawrence.

The Kansas coach said Tuesday that he will be giving his offensive staff more input in the weekly game-planning. Before, Weis took the lion share of the responsibility implementing Kansas’ offensive game plans.

"It’s going to be more guys getting to interject ways of how can we improve the offense, how can we score more points," Weis said. "I felt like I had to back off a little bit, or we weren’t going to get any better."

As a result, quarterbacks coach Ron Powlus will oversee the pass game. Tight ends coach Jeff Blasko will supervise the run game. And both with work under Weis, who will continue to call the plays.

"I’m doing it because I think Kansas football needs it,” Weis said. “I don’t care about my ego.”

The Jayhawks have been a disappointment so far offensively.

Despite featuring one of the better running back combinations in the league in James Sims and Tony Pierson (who is now injured), as well as former blue-chip quarterback Jake Heaps, Kansas is last in the league in offense.

The Jayhawks host Oklahoma this weekend.