Chat wrap: Baylor-OU, Okla. St./K-St. surges

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. With the conference race heating up, we had plenty to discuss. You can read the full transcript here. Got more to say? Send it in and you could see it on the Big 12 mailbag Friday:

Joy (Arkansas): I can't wait to head down for the Baylor/OU game on Thursday! Please give me your thoughts on how this game plays out.

Jake Trotter: Joy, I'll break the game down more on Thursday in my picks column. However, it's going to take a monumental effort from OU to win this game. The Sooners are not built to score 60. They're going to have to run the ball, keep Bryce Petty off the field and force some turnovers defensively to prevent Baylor from getting in a groove. That will be tough. But it's definitely possible.

Grant (Waco): Will Baylor have more rushing yards than Bell has passing yards?

Jake Trotter: If so, Baylor will probably win by 40.

Clark (Kansas): Do you see KSU winning out?

Jake Trotter: That's asking a lot. But I could definitely see K-State closing out with a 3-1 finish, either toppling Tech on the road or OU in Manhattan. OSU, Texas and Baylor should be glad they saw K-State when they did. This team is rapidly getting better.

Bob Stoops (Norman, OK): Everyone keeps saying we should use the Kansas State game against Baylor as a blueprint. But Baylor beat K-State, didn't they?

Jake Trotter: Right, but OU has better running backs, a better offensive line, better WRs (K-State didn't have Tyler Lockett or Tramaine Thompson for the Baylor game) and a better defense. So just because K-State didn't win, that doesn't mean somebody can't take that blueprint and beat Baylor.

Jay (Michigan): Does TT bounce back or are they not as good as we thought?

Jake Trotter: Did we ever think they were Top 10-caliber? This is still a good team. They only lost to two of the best 15 teams in college football. No shame in that for a program trying to build back up under a first-year coach with a true freshman QB.

Tony (Richmond, CA): Did Okie State turn the corner last week and elevate their game to the level many predicted in the preseason? Or has Texas Tech simply been exposed for the fraud many have suspected they were all along?

Jake Trotter: The former. This is the Oklahoma State team we thought would see at the beginning of the season. They've finally found the right combo in the backfield, which is what's been holding this team back. They're going to be a load down the backstretch.

Mack (Austin, TX): How would you play Ty Swoopes in this weekend's game against WV?

Jake Trotter: I don't think I would, unless the game got out of hand, or Case McCoy really struggled.

Pete (Waco): Well where are all the Tech fans now?

Jake Trotter: Oh dear... here we go again…