Chat wrap: OU/Baylor, Texas rebound

Thanks for your questions during my chat. You can find the full transcript here.

Daryl (Texas) Why has no one talked about the fact that two former Big 12 middleweights are making such a big splash in the "big bad SEC". Seems to me that two programs that couldn't manage to win the Big 12 being in the hunt for SEC division titles should garner more respect for the teams in this conference. Thoughts?

Brandon Chatmon You're not the first to point it out but it does need to keep being mentioned Daryl. Facts are facts and Mizzou and A&M are definitely holding their own in the SEC.

Drew (Katy) Hey Brandon, keep up the great work. I don't like seeing Baylor as a 14 to 15.5 [point] favorite for tomorrow. … 1) I think it will be extra motivation for OU and 2) Baylor is used to an underdog role and we don't know how they'll respond as being the top dogs. They will have a target on their back against the team that has run this conference since its inception. Do you think the spread matters for the players? Will OU come out being angry thinking they have something to prove to earn respect? Will BU come out lackadaisical thinking they've already won before the opening kickoff? Please let me know your thoughts on this, it is appreciated.

Brandon Chatmon 1) No, I don't think the point spread matters to players. 2) I do think the Sooners take it personally when people say they won't win a game or, worse yet, say they're going to get hammered. 3) I don't see any way that happens. That atmosphere will be electric tomorrow night and BU wants to show they are for real.

Robbie (Waco) Who rushes for more yards Glasco Martin or Blake Bell?

Brandon Chatmon Glasco … and not just because I like typing Glasco.

Joy (Arkansas) Please give me your predictions for the Baylor/OU game on Thursday night. Will BU's defense step up? Will OU's defense be able to stop the Bears offense?

Brandon Chatmon My prediction is 35-24, Baylor. I think OU's defense will play better than people expect but its offense will let it down as the Bears defense is better than people give it credit for.

rtXC1 (Denison, Texas) I noticed the 2014 Big 12 schedule isn't backloaded like 2013. With all the tough nonconference games next season being early, will it hurt having the top Big 12 teams play each other earlier, too? Or is it better because they'll have enough time to work their way back up the polls?

Brandon Chatmon You bring up a interesting point. I tend to think it is better to have important games on the back end, when people are really, really paying attention. But that's just me.

buck (IOWA) How bad would Mizzou and TAMU be whopping up on the Big 12 if they were still in the conference?

Brandon Chatmon As bad as they did when they were in the conference. Or did they?

RJ (OK) Isn't Texas' rebound just more condemnation of Mack's coaching? I mean … those losses to BYU and Ole Miss look pretty bad when you look at what Texas has done in the conference.

Brandon Chatmon I would agree. And I would hope Mack would agree.

Jordan (Tyler) What are your major conference rankings right now. Out of the SEC, Pac-12, Big 12, BIG, ACC?

Brandon Chatmon I'd give the Pac 12 the nod followed by the SEC, Big 12, ACC and Big Ten.