BCS: Bears need to make human friends

Baylor continues to do all it can to insert itself into the BCS title game. Yet the Bears need plenty of help from opponents and pollsters to move up in the BCS standings.

The key for Baylor could be its rise in the human polls, not necessarily the computers. At No. 5, Baylor (.862) is still behind one-loss Stanford (.869), which is No. 4, but the slim margin means the Bears should surpass the Cardinal with No. 12 Oklahoma State and No. 24 Texas remaining on their schedule, allowing their focus to transfer to No. 3 Ohio State (.893) down the stretch. BU currently ranks No. 4 in the Harris poll and coaches' poll behind Ohio State (No. 3 in Harris and coaches') and will need to pass the Buckeyes if it hopes to be in position to sneak into the BCS title game if No. 1 Alabama or No. 2 Florida State loses.

That’s why it is important the Bears continue to win impressively, and ideally they’d like to see Oklahoma State knock off Texas this weekend. A road win over a top-15-ranked Oklahoma State squad in two weeks could be likelier to impress human voters than a home win over Texas in early December.

The Bears have already taken drastic steps forward in the pollsters’ minds, but the margin for error is minimal if Ohio State continues to win impressively. Even though Baylor’s schedule is better than the Buckeyes', it would be tough to convince human voters that the Bears deserve to jump a Big Ten squad that hasn’t lost a game in two seasons unless the Bears are so dominant that they are impossible to ignore.

So the marching orders are simple: Baylor must continue to win impressively because any subpar performances could give the human voters the ammunition to ignore an undefeated Big 12 titleholder and BCS title hopeful from Waco.