Chat wrap: Bedlam, Amaro, Boomstache

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. Here's where you can find the full transcript. Below is a sample of what was discussed:

Dymar (Tallassee, Ala.): Do u think that Baylor will still get to play in a BCS bowl?

Jake Trotter: It sounds like the Orange Bowl is leaning toward Wisconsin with its BCS bowl. Remember, the Orange has an upcoming agreement with the Big Ten, so that might influence their thinking. Wisky really travels well, too. So Penn State beating Wisconsin this weekend would really help Baylor's cause to get an at-large berth. The automatic berth is still on the table, too, but the Bears would need an Oklahoma win in Bedlam.

JFB (DFW): If Johnny Manziel has another bad game and Alabama loses a game, can Bryce Petty still win the Heisman with a strong finish to the season or did that ship sail last weekend in Stillwater?

Jake Trotter: I think the ship has sailed...

Dalton (Wichita, Kan.): Love the blog, I spend way too much time on it. Anyways, what are the odds of either Corey Nelson or Jordan Phillips getting a medical redshirt? If so, when will it be announced?

Jake Trotter: Bob Stoops said early December. I had someone close to the team tell me yesterday they are actually optimistic about Nelson's chances. We'll see what happens.

Tom (Oklahoma): Over the last five years Oklahoma State has a better win percentage than OU. If they win next week and claim their second Big 12 title in three years, at what point do people start to talk seriously about Oklahoma St. surpassing OU nationally?

Jake Trotter: As the OU sports information department pointed out yesterday -- maybe feeling a little bit insecure about this very topic -- Oklahoma St. has only been winning at a high level for the last five years. The Sooners have been winning at a high level for 70 years. So Oklahoma St. is not going to surpass OU as a program, even with a win. The gap, however, has closed enormously.

Robert (Lubbock): What will it take to get the Mackey Award shut down? Their treatment of Jace Amaro, college football fans, and indeed their own award is downright wrong.

Jake Trotter: The credibility of the award comes into question with the way they've handled Amaro from the beginning. If they want to restrict the award to TEs that put their hand down every play, then why did they give it to Chase Coffman in 2008? I don't get it.

Jake (St Joseph, Mo.) Why is Tyler Lockett so underrated as a receiver? Also do you think he has a chance at All American?

Jake Trotter: No chance at All-American, but I'm stumping for him to be first-team All-Big 12 as a WR.

Raider Red (Lubbock): Who's got the best mustache in the Big 12?

Jake Trotter: Boomstache (Nick O'Toole)... who else?