Chat wrap: Bedlam, Baylor-Texas, bowls

Thanks for all your questions in today's chat. Here's where you can find the full transcript. Got more to say? Send it to the mailbag and it could appear on the Big 12 blog Friday:

Matt (Stillwater): Has Bedlam taken over as the Big 12's top rivalry?

Jake Trotter: Bedlam is a long way from overtaking the Red River Rivalry. However, there's no doubt that Bedlam has had more riding on it in terms of Big 12 titles the last five seasons. After the Iron Bowl, Army-Navy, Ohio State-Michigan and the Red River Rivalry, Bedlam has been right there with any rivalry in college football the last five years. It has a chance to only get better, if Oklahoma State can start winning on consistent basis.

Dustin (Tulsa): Is this Trevor Knight's breakout game or is the OSU D too strong?

Jake Trotter: It's a tough matchup for Knight. For one, Oklahoma State has the CBs to lock up OU's WRs on the outside one-on-one. That will allow OSU to add another body to the box, like it did against Baylor. Knight was terrific against K-State, but OSU's front seven is the best in the league. It will not be easy for the Sooners to move the ball.

Harry (Miami): I thought Iowa State was on an upswing. What happened this season? Too many young players? Lack of talent? Poor coaching? All of the above? Thanks.

Jake Trotter: All of the above.

BOXMAN (Everywhere): Assuming OSU and Baylor win, what bowl game do you see Baylor playing in?

Jake Trotter: Cotton Bowl.

Mike (Lenexa, Kan.): Who are your offense/defense players of the year?

Jake Trotter: At the moment, Bryce Petty and Caleb Lavey.

Steven (Atlanta): I'm a Texas fan, but I'm also a realist. Do you think our best defensive ends (Jackson Jeffcoat, Cedric Reed) will be able to apply enough pressure on Bryce Petty to give us a chance this weekend?

Jake Trotter: No question. Watch the TCU game. The Frogs got pressure all game.

Patrick (Waco): Who gets the edge in the trenches between Texas and Baylor?

Jake Trotter: Interesting question. Up the middle, Baylor has the advantage on offense. But can its tackles block Reed and Jeffcoat? On the other side of the ball, I think Texas could have success pounding the ball inside.

Handel (Canton): The 2014 Big 12 MVP will be?

Jake Trotter: Petty would have to be the early favorite, right?

Justin (Stillwater): With the season nearing completion, who's your Big 12 head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator of the year?

Jake Trotter: As of today, Art Briles, Philip Montgomery and Glenn Spencer.

KD (Houston): I might have missed it but what's your take on Gary Patterson's rant?

Jake Trotter: I get what Patterson was trying to do, but the timing of it was poor, with Briles having suddenly lost his brother just a couple days before.

Shawn (OK): With the addition of TCU and WV are you surprised that those teams are struggling, even in these last two years the Big 12 has been down?

Jake Trotter: To this degree, yes. There was always going to be an adjustment. But I never expected either team to miss out on bowls in their second seasons in the league.

Larry (Arvada): How much do you HATE WVU... and feel that WVU does not deserve to be in the Big 12... your columns and writings seem to point that out.

Jake Trotter: Why, because I put West Virginia last in the power rankings? That's what happens when you lose to Kansas and Iowa State to finish out the season. Just calling it like I see it.