Texas-OU rivalry gets new name

In the Lone Star State, it's called the Texas-OU game. North of the Red River, it's referred to as OU-Texas.

But as of Friday, the annual football game pitting the Sooners and Longhorns has a new official title: The AT&T Red River Showdown.

Up until 2005, the game had been dubbed the Red River Shootout, when it was then changed on the 100th meeting to the Red River Rivalry. The AT&T part of the name is nothing new. The company has been sponsoring the game since 2006.

This year’s 109th meeting is scheduled for Oct. 11 at the Cotton Bowl, where the two have been staging the rivalry since 1929. A rivalry with that much tradition deserves a good name. We'll leave it to you to determine whether that's now the case.