Anti-Gill Web site pops up

Some football fans go to unbelievable lengths to show their lack of knowledge.

Take the Web site fireturnergill.com that has already popped up, even before the new Kansas coach has been formally introduced in his new job.

The site blasts Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins for not making a national hire when he replaced Mark Mangino, instead settling for a lesser and cheaper choice.

But let's get real. Gill was a great hire for the Kansas program, which had never been marked by much consistent success. The Jayhawks had been unable to make back-to-back bowl trips before Mangino took them to bowls in 2007 and 2008.

And for all of the talk about Houston Nutt and Jim Harbaugh, Gill likely will end up being the best choice. He's built a program from the depths at Buffalo. He has a background in the Big 12 from his playing and coaching career at Nebraska. And he knows his way around the recruiting circles in Texas, which will likely make or break his program.

Gill was a strong choice by Perkins for the vacant position. I can't believe some fans are already knocking it, even before he gets a chance to prove his coaching abilities.