Imaginary Big 12 players draft, Part II

Following up off of NFL draft weekend, we’ve been conducting our own draft, picking current Big 12 players with the premise of filling out three 22-man lineups.

So far, this draft has been revealing, accentuating the prospective strength of the conference (defensive line) in 2014, as well as some of the potential shortcomings.

As a reminder, this is NOT a top-25 player ranking. It’s only an exercise in determining where the value of the league lies, and the different strategies to cobbling a team together from the league’s present talent pool.

Below is a recap of the first seven rounds of the draft from Monday, followed by rounds 8-15. We’ll conclude the draft Thursday by picking the final seven rounds.

Jake Trotter:

Brandon Chatmon:

Max Olson:

Round 8

  • Olson: LB Bryce Hager, Baylor

  • Chatmon: CB Kevin White, TCU

  • Trotter: TE E.J. Bibbs, Iowa State

  • Analysis: "In Grant, Shepard and now Bibbs, I have three of the most difficult matchups for opposing defensive backfields in the league. With Petty at QB, and two of the best pass-protecting tackles in the country, I feel like I'll be able to fling the ball at will." -- Trotter

Round 9

  • Trotter: RB Malcolm Brown, Texas

  • Chatmon: OG Cody Whitehair, Kansas State

  • Olson: DT Andrew Billings, Baylor

  • Analysis: “Whitehair should help solidify my offensive line. His ability to play multiple positions up front will be valuable and I had to start addressing my offensive line before all of the top guys were off the board. He’ll join Clark to give me a solid foundation.” -- Chatmon

Round 10

  • Olson: LT Daniel Koenig, Oklahoma State

  • Chatmon: SS Dante Barnett, Kansas State

  • Trotter: DT Travis Britz, Kansas State

  • Analysis: "Time to start building my offensive line. I don't love that many linemen in the league this year, honestly, so that's why I waited. But Koenig is a good one, and he can play either tackle spot." -- Olson

Round 11

  • Trotter: DT James Castleman, Oklahoma State

  • Chatmon: C Tom Farniok, Iowa State

  • Olson: CB Zack Sanchez, Oklahoma

  • Analysis: "With my offense looking strong across the board, I'm circling back to my defense. I have two of the league's very best getting to the quarterback in Striker and Mueller. Now, it's time to solidify the interior run defense. I got just the guys in Castleman and Britz." -- Trotter

Round 12

  • Olson: RB Shock Linwood, Baylor

  • Chatmon: LB Dominique Alexander, Oklahoma

  • Trotter: CB Kevin Peterson, Oklahoma State

  • Analysis: "I went with Alexander because I love his versatility and instincts. He should be able to hold up in coverage at times but can blitz too. To top it all off, he's just a sophomore who has barely scratched the surface of his ability. Win, win." -- Chatmon

Round 13

  • Trotter: SS Karl Joseph, West Virginia

  • Chatmon: CB JaCorey Shepherd, Kansas

  • Olson: C BJ Finney, Kansas State

  • Analysis: "After loading up on defense early, I'm collecting pieces offensively. I think I got two good ones in the veteran Finney, and the budding Linwood." -- Olson

Round 14

  • Olson: OG Quinton Spain, West Virginia

  • Chatmon: RT Tyrus Thompson, Oklahoma

  • Trotter: FS Chris Hackett, TCU

  • Analysis: “I got my lockdown corner a couple rounds ago in Peterson, and with these last two picks, got safeties capable of being All-Big 12 performers this season.” -- Trotter

Round 15

  • Trotter: LB Ben Heeney, Kansas

  • Chatmon: WR Daje Johnson, Texas

  • Olson: DE Geneo Grissom, Oklahoma

  • Analysis: "Daje makes plays. A lot of them. Nothing more needs to be said here." -- Chatmon