Q&A: TCU QB signee Foster Sawyer

On Saturday, Foster Sawyer will graduate from Fort Worth All Saints Episcopal. In a few weeks, he'll make the short move to TCU. In a few months, well, who knows what's in store for the freshman quarterback?

The 6-foot-5, 210-pound pocket passer knows TCU is bringing in transfer quarterback Matt Joeckel from Texas A&M this summer, but that isn't discouraging him from being competitive and believing he can make an impact in 2014.

Our summer series of weekly Q&As with the Big 12's best incoming freshmen continues Friday with Sawyer, a four-star recruit who's excited to play in the Horned Frogs' new-look offense.

In hindsight, do you wish you could've enrolled early at TCU this spring to compete for the job?

Sawyer: I do. I'm also happy I finished, it has its pros and cons, but I wish I was there with the guys in spring ball. But I'm going to be there soon and it all worked out like it was supposed to. I just didn't work out that way, but I'm glad I finished my high school career at All Saints.

Gary Patterson said you were at a bunch of practices this spring. How many did you attend?

Sawyer: I probably made about three-fourths of them, I can't remember how many exactly. It's crazy, I look back on where I was a year ago with all this stuff and it's real now. It's actually happening now and it's coming fast. It's cool watching the guys and understanding the offense. Just being around the new coaches, Sonny Cumbie and Doug Meachem, and how they coach the players was definitely a cool experience and got me even more pumped up to be there.

How's your relationship with fellow QB signee Grayson Muehlstein coming along?

Sawyer: Going good. We hung out after the spring game and we get along well. We both know you've got to compete wherever you go. I'm lucky enough to compete with a guy I like and get along with. We'll work to get better and help each other out.

You knew Cumbie and Meachem from recruiting. How excited were you to learn they'd be bringing their style of offense to TCU?

Sawyer: I was pumped when Coach Patterson told me that. I know those guys pretty well. Coach Meachem was recruiting me pretty hard at Oklahoma State before he left. He offered me from Houston. Coach Cumbie came and watched me throw and we had a good relationship. It all just worked out. That offense is one I'm pretty familiar with already. It's a little more complex now but it's easy, simple and I love the hurry-up offense and spread. Fun for the quarterback, I know that.

When you watched this spring, what stood out to you about how this offense is going to move the ball?

Sawyer: When you think of this offense you think of passing and predominantly passing. That's not necessarily true. The running game plays a big part in that. We have great running backs with B.J. Catalon, Kyle Hicks, Aaron Green. That's going to make a complete offense.

What'd you think of the move to add Matt Joeckel to the mix? Does that take some pressure of you and Grayson as freshmen?

Sawyer: I don't look too much into it. All I've got to worry about is Foster. The positive side is he can mentor me and it'll be good to play under a senior and we can help each other out. But I'm still going to have the mindset of going in and competing. Whatever happens happens and it's whatever Coach Patterson and the coaching staff decide. I'm just worried about what I need to do in order to help the team out. I don't care who I'm going against. It's just my mentality to compete. I don't really worry about anybody else.

What are your personal expectations for 2014? What do you want to achieve?

Sawyer: The first thing is I want to earn the players' respect, first my class and then the rest of the team. I just want to bust my butt this summer and see where I am. I'm going to strive for that starting position, but however I help this team -- whether that's on the field, off the field, giving signals, redshirting, whatever it is -- it's the coaches' job to know what to do with us players. Only thing I can do is bust my butt this summer and in fall camp and see where that leads me.

I remember Nick Saban showed up to All Saints one day to recruit you, and that was a big deal. In the end, what schools were in your final three?

Sawyer: TCU was always the place, it seemed like, but it came down to them, Oklahoma State and Alabama. I never doubted TCU once I felt like that's where I needed to be, and that's why I committed. I signed at this time last year, in my mind.

How would you explain, to the folks who haven't seen you play yet, what you think you can bring to this TCU offense?

Sawyer: It comes down to winning. I don't care if I have to run the ball or throw the ball; if people think I'm a pocket passer, that's fine. But if I have to run the ball and lower my shoulder, I'm going to do that. I like to think of my two role models: Tim Tebow -- he's not the best passer, but it's just the competitiveness he has -- and Johnny Manziel. I really like watching those type of players who get a lot of hate for what they do but get the job done.

At TCU, they've always been so close the past few years and they need to get back to where they were, like the Rose Bowl with Andy Dalton doing what he needs to do to get the 'W.' That's what I plan on doing.