Big 12 mailbag: Playoffs discussion

In this week's mailbag we discuss the College Football Playoff and other various topics.

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To the 'bag:

Jonathan in California writes: Hey, Jake, enjoy the blog. My question has to do with the unlikely but still probable dilemma when five conference champions all go undefeated? It has happened before and will likely happen again. What would the committee have to value the most then? What if it is the traditional powers that are undefeated, as in Oklahoma, Florida State, Alabama, Oregon and Ohio State? Would expansion occur or would conferences have to change so all are playing similar schedules then?

Trotter: Probable? The last time we had just three undefeated teams from the power conferences was in 2004 (Oklahoma, USC, Auburn). The more likely scenario would be five one-loss conference champs. In that event, the strength of the conference and the strength of individual nonconference schedules (you reading, Baylor fans?) would be the determining factor in picking the team to leave out.

Mark in Snyderville, USA, writes: Am I wrong for being skeptical of the new playoff system? Let's say a one-loss Texas team and a one-loss K-State team are in the mix for the final playoff spot. Isn't Texas more likely to get in based off name recognition alone? Am I just being paranoid or should schools with less recognizable brands just prepare to be left in the cold?

Trotter: Would that be any different than the system we had before? Does anyone really believe that Texas or Oklahoma would have been left out of the 2011 national championship game with Oklahoma State’s résumé that season? I have no idea how the playoff committee is going to select its teams. But the lesser brands can’t be at any more of a disadvantage than they were during the BCS era.

Lost Mountaineer in Nashville, Tenn., writes: How big of an impact can FCS All-American Shaquille Riddick have for West Virginia? I saw him as a projected second-round draft pick prior to the transfer.

Trotter: I did a Q&A with Riddick earlier this week. I’m starting to think this could be a big addition. Playmaking off the edge is where the Mountaineers need the most help defensively. That’s what Riddick brings. I have no idea how the transition to the higher classification will affect him. But he could be a factor.

Alex in Chicago writes: What are your thoughts on the rumors going around of replacing West Virginia with Tulane due to the geographical logistic headaches, and the league wanting to further strengthen inroads into the fertile recruiting grounds around New Orleans?

Trotter: My thought is you need to take a vacation from the message boards.

C.L. in Abilene, Texas, writes: Do ya'll know if any of the Big 12 coaches are good friends? I know it's tough being rivals and all, but I figure some of the guys must be known to hang out on occasion.

Trotter: Art Briles, Kliff Kingsbury and Dana Holgorsen all know each other very well, dating to their connections to Houston and/or Texas Tech. Mike Gundy gave Holgorsen his big break by bringing him into the Big 12 as a coordinator at Oklahoma State. New TCU offensive coordinator Doug Meacham was at Oklahoma State just two years ago and is close with Texas offensive line coach Joe Wickline from their days in Stillwater. TCU’s other offensive coordinator, Sonny Cumbie, played with several of the coaches at Texas Tech. New Iowa State offensive coordinator Mark Mangino has strong ties to Oklahoma and Kansas State. Oklahoma’s Stoops Brothers coached under Bill Snyder at K-State. Gundy’s brother Cale is an assistant at Oklahoma. I could go on and on.

Wallace Bever in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, writes: Jake, I think your observations on in-stadium beer sales are right on. A few beers is one thing. Going to the car at halftime for a load of heavier alcohol is different, and not in a good way. West Virginia may have gotten this one right.

Trotter: In case you missed it this week, this is what Wallace is referring to. If you know you can get beer inside the stadium, doesn’t that dissuade you from getting loaded before the game? I think it does. People are going to drink at college football games. At least inside the stadium, it can be managed.

Matt in Wamego, Kansas, writes: Jake, as Charlie Weis begins Year 3 in Lawrence, what do you think the Jayhawks have to do this year to keep him off the hot seat?

Trotter: Progress in the right direction would do the trick. The Jayhawks don’t have to go to a bowl game. But they need to show they’re better than they were last year. With a veteran defense and a much improved receiving corps, it would be a major disappointment if they took a step back this season, which would also warm up Weis’ seat.