Gideon believes Brown deserves pay hike

AUSTIN, Texas -- Despite heavy complaints from the Texas faculty about coach Mack Brown’s $2 million per year contract hike, sophomore safety Blake Gideon believes his coach deserves the pay bump.

“I think so,” Gideon said. “What he does, what he has done and what he’s doing for this program, bringing all of us in giving us all a chance at an education -- becoming leaders and men and playing college football -- that’s what he’s done.”

Gideon said that Brown’s staff of coaches is a reflection of him.

“They come in here and aren’t just about getting us accolades on the field or keeping us eligible,” Gideon said. “They are here to get us a degree and get us out of here with something besides football memories. I feel that's the most important thing to Coach Brown since I’ve been recruited and still is now. I think he deserves every bit of it.”

The connection between Brown and head coaching designate Will Muschamp has become more noticeable over the past two seasons, Gideon said.

“He’s learning something from how Coach Brown handles himself,” Gideon said. “He’s one of the best examples we could learn in how to handle people. We can all learn from that.”