Poll: Who does alternate uniforms the best?

Last year Kansas joined the alternate uniform craze, which gave the Jayhawks triple-digit uniform possibilities. Wednesday, Kansas released another alternate option, dubbed the Crimson Chrome, which includes a gigantic Jayhawk beak on the helmet.

The Jayhawks are hardly alone in the Big 12 in donning alternative uniforms.

Oklahoma introduced an alternative concept this summer, with cream helmets and crimson pants. Iowa State has been known to wear throwbacks. And TCU unveiled special helmets for last year’s opener with two streaks of red flamed on either side of a purple helmet.

Oklahoma State, Baylor, Texas Tech, West Virginia and now Kansas, however, have been the most aggressive in changing up their looks from week to week.

Oklahoma State was on the cutting edge of the alternative uniform trend, and has been utilizing combinations of orange, black, white and gray dating back to 2011.

Baylor’s digs have also been brash, highlighted by a golden chrome helmet.

West Virginia still has its classic blue-blue-gold look, but the Mountaineers have introduced several other combinations since joining the Big 12, including a white helmet with an old-school WVU logo.

Texas Tech opened up its options last year under coach Kliff Kingsbury, who had creative authority designing the Red Raiders' many new alternate looks.

Now, in light of Kansas’ latest uniform addition, we put this question to you: Which team in the Big 12 does alternate uniform combinations the best?

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